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Gifts yuuki fiedell: for the wallie,,,  <33333 yuuki fiedell: thank youu~~~ ^^__^^ yuuki fiedell: Pannda~~~! XD NoirAngel: Thank you ^^ Hope you had a good Easter JanetChan: Gifts! >_< ��� JanetChan: Teh JanetChan: For JanetChan: You JanetChan: Thank vdr-07: happy b-day :) swizzledhazelnut: happy easter X3 diamond9393anda: Thanks~Happy Easter to u 2 ^^ NedzumiNya: Happy Easter! icebox270534: Happy Easter to you too! <3 Tayeta: HAPPY EASTER!!!!! :3 BabyD: Happy Easter! X3 rosel D: Happy Easter! :D trailmixy: Hope you had an awesome egg daay XD aka yuki: Happy Easter !!XD Allie Elric: Happy Easter ( ���) ~ : Happy b-day! Dark Flame 3479: Happy Easter to you too! :D ReiKiba: Happy Easter! :D Kaerlyn: Happy Easter my dear :3 ItachiSasuke: ~HAPPY EASTER MY FRIEND! ^_^ Felcie: Happy Easter !! x) : Happy Easter! ^_^ TwinkLes: Happy Easter! xNotUnderstood: for giveing me my first peep JanetChan: HAPPEH EASTER, SENSEI!! >_< animegirl171: Happy Easter ~ :) kikkima: Happy Easter :D soldierofthedark: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! (sorry I'm late) :D Star Crossed: Happy Easter~! :D yuuki fiedell: Happy Easter! =D : Happy Easter! LunaInverse: Happy easter ecnelisterger: Happy Easter!!!! Kiiika: happy easter! *-* Carina1301: happy birthday, and easter :) Allie Elric: happy birthday! =] Kaerlyn: happy birthday :D Blue Latte: Happy Birthday, Yammi-chan :) Quiet Noise: Happy (belated) b-day Yammi chan! ^^ IChiTa: Happy Birthday~ Karisan: Wish You a Very Happy B-day&Holiday!!!^^ Hanaro Souhi: Happy Birthday!~ =^_^= : happy b-day Yammi chan hope its awesome! aka yuki: Happy Birthday!XD Star Crossed: Happy birthday! ^3^ Kiiika: Happy b-day... *-* diamond9393anda: Happy birthday ^^ reichiinya: Hope you enjoy your birthday pocky! PandaMoon: Happy b-day : Happy birthday! ^_^ AutumnFalls: Happy Birthday ^_^ ReiKiba: Happy Birthday n have a nice day! Star Crossed: Happy birthday! ^3^ rosel D: Happy Birthday!Enjoy your special day^_^ yuuki fiedell: you're welcome! =D kita mikichi: Congrats on Your Promotion! yuuki fiedell: congrat!!on the promotion! <3333 twinklesakura: otakuite++ congrats!! X) diamond9393anda: Congrats on the promotion ^^ Morbid Dollie: Congrats on the promotion! X3 diamond9393anda: Thank you for the bday wallie :) ! diamond9393anda: Thanks for the good wishes :) jikosangel: thanks for entering my 2nd challenge!! Tayeta: Ohayo)) I have my beakfast))) and you?? Tayeta: Hi!!!))) AnnaKanda: Thank you for entering my challenge! AnnaKanda: Thanks for the sub~! *subs back* XD Tayeta: �ажа� здо�ов'� !!!!  ^__^ Quiet Noise: thank u! hope u had a nice v-day too.. 7deadlyhomunculi: Thank you for subscribing! :D Meachulin: Hehehe thankyou! : Thanks.  Here something for you too. ShiningHime: Happy Valentines Day! :3 nirvana donut: a love potion for valentines day! rosel D: Happy Valentines~ <3 JanetChan: Arigato! Happy Valentines Day 2 U 2! ^ ^ ReiKiba: Happy Valentine's Day! :D ItachiSasuke: Happy Valentine's Day my friend ^_^ Dark Flame 3479: Happy Valentines Day to you too Yammi :) kikkima: happy V-day ^_^ animegirl171: Happy Valentines <3   :) NoirAngel: Happy Valentine's Day to you too ^_^ Karisan: Happy Valentines to you too!!!^__^ ecnelisterger: Happy Valentine's Day~ :3 Ritona: Happy Valentine's Day Tayeta: Happy Valentine Day!! Ilovebadboys: Thanks for subbing me!!!!!!~^o^ chrono elric: thanks for the sub NoirAngel: Thank you for the sub ^_^ Tayeta: �е�ен�ко!!!! �а�� з  �обо� д�л��&Ntild Morbid Dollie: I is in love with your walls! *o* KrondorianV: congrats on your promotion!!! ^^ ecnelisterger: Congrats for the promotion! :D Quiet Noise: congrats on your promotion my friend ^^ Morbid Dollie: Enjoy your rewards! X3 Morbid Dollie: You're wall was sparkly and lovely! X3 Morbid Dollie: 1st runner-up! Congrats! jikosangel: CONGRATS ON 2ND PLACE!! jikosangel: thanks for entering my first challenge! Morbid Dollie: Thank you for the wall! You're sweet! <3 Morbid Dollie: You make awesome works! *sub* <33 ShiningHime: Best Wishes For 2011~ aminesick: Happy new years!! =D BabyD: Happy New Year!!! ^__^ JanetChan: Happy New Year, Senpai! ^ ^ icebox270534: Happy new year! JanetChan: Happy New Year! : Happy New Year ^_^ ecnelisterger: All the best for 2011~ XD JanetChan: Chocolate? O_o JanetChan: ...I don't know what this is...lolz JanetChan: Ice cream for..um.. DINNER! ^ ^ JanetChan: A cookie for desert! ^ ^ JanetChan: Neh neh, do they taste good? JanetChan: Really? I've never eaten sushi before... JanetChan: Sushi's good for your health too! JanetChan: Meh, too bad! *evil grin* JanetChan: *shoves it in2 ur mouth* lolz senpai JanetChan: Now pumpkin! JanetChan: Yes, yes you are ^ ^ JanetChan: Now try a bannana! JanetChan: Now try strawberry flavored! ^ ^ JanetChan: Here u go, how do they taste? ^ ^ JanetChan: *gasps* THEIR SOOOOO GOOD! JanetChan: i luvv pocky! wat about u senpai? JanetChan: Do they eat pocky? ^ ^ JanetChan: Oh..um well do cats paint? JanetChan: ......*throws strawberry at cat* JanetChan: Neko chan!! Nya! JanetChan: Grrr*growls* NO U ARE!!! JanetChan: No YOU are! JanetChan: *gasps* UR TOTALLY MORE AWESOMER! JanetChan: Flys to you and says your awesome! JanetChan: U CALLED ME CUTE! *airhugs u!* JanetChan: The most AWESOMEST person on earth! JanetChan: Well, ur my MOST DEAREST SENPAI! *sob* JanetChan: u called me dearest again! YAY! JanetChan: For my senpai who is THE BEST! JanetChan: Thank you for all your hard work! Star Crossed: Merry (late) Christmas & Happy New Year! : Thanks for the sub ^_^ Bleachic: Merry Christmas and Happy New Year :3 Haxelo: Merry Christmas!! <3 *huggles* KrondorianV: Merry X-mass and  a Happy New Year!!! Sarah K0583: Thanks for the gift Merry Christmas!! :) Kurihara Akane: merry christmas & happy holiday :D Quiet Noise: Thank you! Happy Holidays 2u2 my friend! ItachiSasuke: Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year! :) Tayeta: Happy Christmas belletoile: Thanks so much for subscribing � BabyD: Merry Christmas! hohoho ecnelisterger: Merry Christmas and Happy New Year~ XD Tayeta: arigato : congrats on 1st :) Immortal Queen: Thank you for entering snow fun! Felcie: Happy Halloween !! 8D Quiet Noise: have a happy Halloween *muhahaha*...
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