Morbid Dollie Synthesizers Need Love Too >3<

I am back with yet another challenge! I just LOVEmaking these things! ^-^

Alright, this one should be easy to guess by the title, like all of my challenges are! I'm such a predictable person, aren't I? =3

The main concept of the challenge is:

*insert drum rolls PLEASE*

Make A Wallpaper Of Your Favorite Vocaloid Couple!!!

That's it! ^-^
I, myself, as you all probably can tell (>>.>>) am a large fan of MikuxMikuo cause they look so cute together! But other people might like MikuxLuka, MikuXLen, LenXRin, well, you get the idea.

So I want a wallpaper (or 2 or 3 or 4...) with your #1 FAVORITE coupling for the Vocalouids!


1. NO STEALING! I absolutely dislike art theft, as we all do!
2. No making walls under a TWO different user names!!
3. You cannot make a wallpaper out of a simple scan with a few words, or a scan with a few color changes. I don't mean to sound rude, but I really would like to see some effort here. Try something new, put some of those awesome brushes and textures to work! I want some pretty and really awesome walls! (Though everyone's walls are ALWAYS awesome anyways! ^-^)
4. Credit every source that you possibly can! This rule, next to the No Stealing rule is probably the very most important! I see that most people are sharing links to all the sources of their wallpapers, and it makes me very happy to see people being reliable in giving credit where it is due! :3
5. Please, give a description of what work went into making the wall. To see what work people put into making their best walls is something I really look forward to, to see some nice techniques and their ways of doing something in their wall. It makes it fun to read the description and look at the wall and go "AH! That's how they did it! Nicely done!" At least to me it does ^-^;;
6. I stand corrected! Oh my! THIS is the single most important rule; a rule EVERYONE MUST FOLLOW! Have fun making the wall!
7. If someone inspired the way the wall was made, please give credit to what artist inspired you, and what wallpaper really inspired you most! I think inspiration is a beautiful, wonderful thing. And I love to let people know when I'm inspired by a wonderful piece of work, and I definitely love to let everyone see the original masterpiece that inspired me in the first place! :3

To me, though this is a challenge to test your own skill, inspiration is fine. It's not like you're ripping off what they made and how they did it, it just means that you saw so much wonderfulness and beauty in the wall, you wanted to make something that wonderful yourself! ^-^


1. Endless entries! You can submit as MANY walls as you want!
2. Dedicating - I notice that most people request that you dedicate it to the creator of the challenge because it makes it more convenient to see who has entered. But I don't like that rule too well, because sometimes I like to dedicate the wall to someone who is special to me (I am not saying challenge creators aren't special, by the way...) but I cannot because of that rule. So for the dedicating, you MUST dedicate it to someone, not just everyone. It can be a close friend, it can be me, it can be someone who inspired the wall, anyone at all. There are a few users around here like Macaiah, my sister,
and my adorable friend Pocky who don't have a lot of friends on this site, or, like my sister, are always feeling down about their wallpapers and how well they're noticed. There is also my dear friends HelloKatty and XNotUnderstood who have been sad lately.Dedicating one of your entries to them as a gift to for their awesomeness would be a wonderful, thoughtful thing to do, but it is not a must.
3. You can ABSOLUTELY do walls of a two guys in love (like LenXKaito or something) or two girls! I have NOTHING wrong with that at all!! :3

As usual, since this is a pretty easy-going rule-free challenge, I'll be judging by my favorite wallpaper. ^-^

I think this covers everything! I am so terribly sorry the description is quite so long! :O
Please don't mind the length of it! >3>

You all have one month to make some sweet and beautiful wallpapers! ^-^


Winners have been declared!
Runner-ups are listed (in order) below:

1. Forbidden by Yammi Chan
2. Forbidden Love by Hello Katty
3. You by Felcie

Congratulations to you wall! I will work on prizes very soon!

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