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If you are reading this, well I first off want to thank you. I haven't done a wallpaper contest yet but figured it was about time to do one that was a bit different from the rest!

Come on admit it, you are a Gleek and I say RELEASE YOUR INNER GLEEK! :D I know many people who are in love with the show, the music, the characters. So why not have a contest for the show and create a category here on TheOtaku? Glee Club takes all people of different shapes, sizes, gender, and colors. So that is exactly what this Glee Fest Contest is looking for.

I want three of the best wallpapers that show your love for Glee and releasing your inner Gleek!

Here is an example of what I am looking for: GLEEK YOURSELF!

Simple yes? Pretty much, however, let's spice things up, shall we!


1. Must contain at least ONE Glee Character. Personally I would prefer if you dedicated your wallpaper to only one character if possible.

2. The name of that character should be on the wallpaper. Example: Kurt, Rachael, Finn, Puck, Quinn, Mercedes, Artie, etc. If you do something like the entire group just call it Glee Club.

3. I also want you to look at the list of songs that have been song by the Glee cast and have a subtitle of the song that represents that character! They do not have to sing it but if the personality fits go for it, example:

Defying Gravity

4. Most have at least 1-2 textures in it and 2 different font styles: MOST BE NAMED.

5. Please give credit to where it is due. Please provide links if possible.

6. HAVE FUN!!! Most important rule!

Side Notes:

  • You Can Enter As Many Time as You Wish
  • Can use more then one image in a wallpaper
  • Please make it vibrant!


A Gift and a Wallpaper of your choice!

So please favorite the little heart below because we all know you love Glee, if not, then WHY THE HECK ARE YOU READING THIS? D:< Seriously, beat it! Oh that's a good song too! lol Okay really, I am excited to see what other fans of Glee do with these wallpapers and the main goal is to create a Glee Category here on the site!

Get Your Gleek On!

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