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Let me tell you a little bit about myself...

Name: clueless101 (clue/Sara)
DOB:September 22, 1992
Eye color: light blue/grey
Hair: Strawberry blonde
Height: 5'2"
Relationship: Taken

If you want to know more about me or even RP with me shoot me a PM I will be more then happy to chat~ :3

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Requests: OPEN
Art Trades: OPEN
Commissions: OPEN

RP Idea

Yes I have a lot of these XD

Where a human is bonded with a demon of some kind and they are forced to keep it a secret from other’s and live among humans but also protect them from evil demons. Of course that doesn't mean that there aren't just demons that can transform to look like humans and living among them. Can you tell who's there to help and who's there to corrupt everything and turn calm into chaos?

This takes place in a university. So the ages for the human character would be no younger then 17.

What do you think??? I got this idea because I had a dream with Jinx last night and he was with human's who were able to transform into demons and they were also battling with him against this big ugly chunker of a demon and I would love to know if other's would like to see this as an RP!!

Dante Commission

Hynu was finally able to get a chance to finish my commission of Dante! He looks so beautiful even as a chibi!! I love spoiling my beautifully detailed baby who was also my second adopt. XD I need to play with him and Jinx more oTL ...

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Thanks everyone

Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes. I wish I could tell you all that I had an amazing day but I really didn't. I had an eh crit to start the morning. Then had to wait till past 11 because my little sister and live wanted to see me. Then I went home and dad homework till I had to go to work at 4:20. Then I came home and ate and had ice cream cake.

I didn't do anything exciting. I decided to let my presents that I got sit there, still wrapped on the table because my little sister and I are celebrating our birthday's together on Saturday. I guess the only good part was the fact that I didn't get caught drawing in Patrick my sketchbook during the crit. It's my OC Pat's 23 birthday as well. Since he was my first Pokemon gijinka that I ever made I wanted him to have my birthday. I know really cheesy but that's how I am.

Anyways I hope that everyone else had a better day then I did. I have to go to bed now because I have to get up early to go to school.

Join.me OFF

Since I've been on it for a while and no one's come around I'm just going to end the stream.

Next challenge voting BIG prizes involved

I want to make another challenge. I really need everyone's help for picking what should be my next challenge. Fan Art: Draw my OC's -3 -I would like you to draw one of more of my OC's for this challenge. This also includes my adopts. ...

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