Let me tell you a little bit about myself...

Name: clueless101 (clue/Sara)
DOB:September 22, 1992
Eye color: light blue/grey
Hair: Strawberry blonde
Height: 5'2"
Relationship: Taken

If you want to know more about me or even RP with me shoot me a PM I will be more then happy to chat~ :3

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Ariel WIP

I actually got up enough ambition today after a long day at work to start working on this! I went with the picture of Ariel in the dress because that's the one that everyone liked the most and now I'm genderbending her!

Help me out please!

So I want to do a genderbend of Ariel but I love so many shots of her that I don't know which shot to work off of for the genderbend. So can you all help me with picking a shot please and thank you. ...

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Megaman NT Warrior

I forgot how much I loved the show when I was younger. I've always loved playing the Megaman games. In fact I finally found the Megaman Zero collection game for the DS. I stuck it in the hold draw at work when I found it so no one else could take it XD *shot* But if I have to cover for another person today at work I'm planning on picking up the game along with my yugioh 5D's game that I have in the hold draw too. I'm such a nerd lol


I've been fiddling around on iMovie and this is what I've made so far. This is what I was thinking of doing so some intro themes for my RP worlds if people wouldn't mind me using their picture's in the video of their characters that is. I'm going to keep working on this video as I make more picture's of my elementals.

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