Yeah, I got into a car accident last night. Earlier this week was pretty busy with me having to drive my best friend home from work on top of work myself. But, yeah I was grabbing him from work and bringing him back to my house so he could use the WiFi to work on some of his course work since he doesn't have the internet at his house, aaannnndddd I got into a car accident.

What happened is the truck in front of me turned on his left blinker and went into the oncoming traffic lane like he was going to go down the road and branch off of the main road and then he suddenly turned right back into the lane and headed towards a driveway that was on the right, which was apparently the guy's driveway for his own house. Well, I slammed on the breaks swerved, the guy hit my front fender slamming me into his mini ditch, I ramped the mini ditch and came to a stop in the guy's yard.

When I got out to see if the guy was okay I received "Drive much? What the fuck?" from him and then proceed to get bitched at from him because his truck is "only 2 weeks old" even though it's a 2021 short bed ford pick up truck. I told him he had his left blinker on, not his right and he bitches at me that his right blinker is on and points it out. I know it wasn't on and so does my best friend who was also in the car still holding onto my dog because he saved her from going through the windshield.

Cop gets there, the cop brushes me off and my explanation of my side of the accident. Flashes his flashlight at my car not really looking at any of the damage. Heads over to the guy to get his side of the story doesn't bother asking my passenger anything or if we even need an ambulance. He takes our information back to his car and then when I go over to tell him my younger sister is coming to grab my dog just in case I couldn't move my car he tells me "Everything is cosmetic damage so I'm not filing an accident report. He then gives me a copy of the information exchange report and goes and does the same to the guy. As I was asking for permission to drive through the guy's yard if I can't back up and then get yelled at by the cop to get a move on so he can go home.

This morning I went to my little sisters auto shop for an emergency inspection and the conclusion is, The front frame is cracked, the oil pan is smashed in, the oil filter is also smashed in, how Bertha (my car) is not leaking oil is a mystery and the radiator support bar is also bent. This is on top of the dent in my front driver side fender and a broken clip for my passenger side front fender.

So for the next few days, I'm going to be dealing with that and waiting until Thursday to take my car to a collision shop to get an estimate or to see if my poor Bertha is totaled.