It's been 5 years

Hey everyone~

I'm not dead lol just a lot has happened. I started focusing on writing stories a lot more over these past five years. Though really through last year with someone I called a best friend for 11 years suddenly deciding she no longer wanted me in her life and all the stories we were working on together were just ripped apart I honestly went into a huge slump and even struggled to work on my story ALS. A Little Secret for those who still remember that book. I have it up on Tapas if anyone cares to read it. I have to update the cover art for it. I still have big plans that I want to still get published. I have a couple of other stories that I've been quietly working on as well. But honestly, taking a year of reflecting on it the person was extremely toxic and for sure didn't help with my anxiety and depression. I'm very upset of all that work just ended up having to be thrown away for those stories, but I know that I'll be writing new stories with my now single characters. So there's at least that.

What else has happened...oh, my anxiety and depression took a huge dive, I'm on anti-depressants and in therapy for 3 years in June. It's kinda helped but there's only so much they can do ya know lol. I've had 4 people I've deeply cared about pass away in these five years. 3 of them passed away just this past year. I'm working at a new game stop since the one I worked at for 6 years closed down due to the pandemic. It's been rough being at this new store a lot more traffic and a lot more angry people just being rude to us and taking out their frustrations on retail workers. Just gotta grin and bear it I guess.

I've acquired A LOT of kiddos over these past five years too, I got pretty heavily into the adopt community. Oh, I also own a closed species called Kitty-Kois. I inherited the species from a really good friend! The community has been expanding and Closed species within the world that we've created have gotten a lot better! I'll be putting the toyhouse through an overhaul when I get a chance to. Oh if someone needs a TH code let me know and I'll get you one. I have a bunch.

You can hit me up on discord too if you have one! clueless101#3775 I try to get on there daily since I run a server and help out with a few others. I have been drawing a fair bit over the last five years as well. I'll probably pick some of my favorites or more recent and start to upload stuff again here.

Well, that's enough rambling from me. I'm going to try to be active here again.