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Character for the Otaku Battle Royal~

Why yes, I'm still entering challenges even though I highly doubt I'll win. xD; meh oh well.


I put my hair in a ponytail when I'm too lazy to straighten my hair when it's a big mess/it's in the way. In this situation, it's to keep it out of the way. xD

Big huge eyes. Bigger than i'm use to drawing them(in other words, I messed up. BUT I'M STILL PROVIDING A LEGIT EXPLANATION). Mostly because I tried to make myself look younger (I'm use to drawin people from 15-early 20's) since I started drawing at a young age. Same with the larger head.

Always listening to music when I draw. Thus the headphones. And the reason that they're shaped as a pokeball is because one of the first animes I watched was of course, Pokemon. Got me into anime, made me want to draw, and that how i got to where I am now. *u*
The little microphone thing is because i'm usually talking friends on the phone while I'm drawing. XD;;;
The safety glasses/goggles are:
1. I like science. *n* and you need to wear goggles when doing a lab!
2. I LOVE Goggles thanks to digimon~ Though if I wear them IRL I do them no justice. ;w;
3. They work like DBZ scouters. THEY CAN ANALYZE THE OPPNENT AND MEASURE THEIR POWER LEVEL. IT'S OVER 9000!!!!!!!! DBZ was another anime I grew up with. XD
4. Based off of the headset of Rei in her Space Paranoid form. and you just gotta LOVE those things. XD

Complex Clothing:
Because if you don't know me, I LOVE Kingdom Hearts style clothing. *A* with all them zippers and belts and stuff. If you look further back into my horrible excuses for art, the majority of my stuff is KH related.

Roxas bracelet and necklace:
I ACTUALLY have those things, thus I put them in the picture. And that's how I wear them too. XD not only that, but for those who don't know, i LOVE ROXAS AND YOU CAN'T DO ANTHING ABOUT THAT DAMMIT. MWAHAHAHHAHA *slapped*

I'm in love with pale colors~ I don't do well with bright neon like colors. XD;

Dry, discusting, dirty feet:
i don't like feet. They're nasty. :<
So I don't really take care of mine. XD; And they're usually dirty cuz I walk around the house without slippers/socks ;u;

Mechanical Pencil Claws:
Nothing to do with X-Men really. I just couldn't think of anything else. XD
The metal of the claws are actually fairly weak(y'know, cuz regular pencil lead breaks easily. :O). Pressing the button near the knuckles activates the claws(supposed to represent the thing on a mech. pencil that let's more lead out. :D). They're used to WEAKEN the enemy, and not defeat it. If they happen to break during battle, they become BAD ASS POWER GLOVES(SHYEAAA). The claws can be easily replaced~ Design is based off of this Papermate mecanical pencil. :D

Tablet Sheild:
Floats around with the help of an anti-gravity device that is deactivated if one is to push the round button on top. The other buttons allow the user to change what kind of sheild it becomes. It can even deliever physical attacks.(Examples: Block magic, Block physical attacks, Block projectiles, Attack etc) It takes time to switch. In that time, the person is completely vulnerable.

Tablet Pen Spear:
Although it floats around like the shield, it doesn't act freely. It simply floats around until i'm ready to use it. to deactivate the anti-gravity device, you have to push the button on the side(IRL the right and left clicker). I only use this once the enemey is weakened by the Mech. Pencil Claws.(GET IT? GET IT? WEAKEN WITH MECH. PENCIL THEN FINISH THEM OFF WITH TABLET PEN? LIKE LIKE SKETCH WITH MECH. PENCIL AND THEN FINISH THE PICTURE WITH A TABLET? GET IT? GET IT? AHAHHAHAHAHAHAAH *shot*)

Due to the fact that i'm not at all athletic, I have finish the fight quickly.
I can get confused easily
I'm EXTREMLY ticklish. It's not very smart that I have bare feet. ;w;


I sort of switched from 1st to 2nd to 3rd person and back....hopefully that doesn't confuse anyone? XD;;;

it took me WAYYYY too long to finish this. ;w; I've spent like, 6 hours JUST coloring. I probably spent 3 doing the lineart. PFFT AND IT DOESN'T EVEN LOOK THAT GOOD. OTL I DON'T EVEN KNOW WHY IT TOOK THAT LONG. WHY...WHYYYYY!?

Critique is appreciated, though I know there's a lot of mistakes anyway. XD

Enjoy! Hopefully I'll do well. ;w;

PS. Splatter is part of the Urban brush set from Obsidian Dawn~

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