Morgana could not help but guffaw at that. “Well, if you hadn’t interrupted me earlier, then I would’ve been more than happy to answer that question for you.” This comment caused Eric to produce an almost inaudible growl from deep inside his chest. Because of its low frequency, Morgana remained oblivious of the mounting danger she was subjugating herself to and continued her rant. “But, I’m feeling a little generous at the moment, so I’ll let you in on a few things:

“From now on, your son will never experience a night of peace so long as the moon shines bright in the sky. This condition will vary, depending on the moon that night, and will gradually worsen as he grows older. And all of this will only end when the prophecy is fulfilled, and not a moment sooner.”

After making her ominous announcement, she indifferently slithered forward to place the cursed infant at its father’s feet. In a matter of seconds after doing so Melody, seizing her only chance at retribution and to open a window of opportunity for her father, picked up a nearby fallen vase and pitched it right at Morgana’s head.

The vase whizzed past Morgana’s left ear, crashing loudly into the wall beyond. Appalled at how close Melody came to making a direct hit, Morgana roared, “How dare you! Just because I’m letting your brother live doesn’t mean I’ll let you live as well!” But this threat turned out to be made in vain. No sooner had she breathed those words had Eric silently picked up yet another fragment of broken glass to commence the ongoing battle between the two of them. With one herculean upward slash, Eric forged a deep cut into Morgana extending from the base of her neck to all the way up the right side of her face. The blow was not deep enough to prove fatal, but it still sent a spray of her blood flying into the air.

Blinded and wailing at this newfound pain, she flailed her tentacles at her assaulter with no success. The enraged Eric parried every blow expertly, but made certain to keep his stance solid as not to trample his newborn son lying below him. As Morgana’s level of endurance diminished, she extended one of her spare tentacles towards the helpless infant in hopes of using him as a shield once more. Quickly noticing her act of cowardice, he clenched his free hand as hard as it would allow and unleashed a bone-shattering left-strait into Morgana’s lower jaw.

Before she realized what was going on, Morgana was flat on her back and throbbing with the “gifts” Eric had bestowed upon her. When her thoughts finally rearranged themselves she immediately began to retreat back towards the way she came in. Under normal circumstances Morgana would have undoubtedly been capable of over-powering the warring man looming before her, but fate would not allow for such a feat from her that evening.

Finally slipping past Eric’s barrage, Morgana heaved herself back upright using what was left of the balcony door with some visible difficulty. Disgusted but content with how the events turned out, Morgana defiantly shouted, “You insufferable human! I’ll have you pay for what you did to me! In the meantime though, enjoy the time you have left with your son. Until the moon comes to claim him, that is!

Before anyone could protest, Morgana took out yet another vial from her pouch and slammed it into the floor. Black smoke then instantly engulfed the room, and by the time it had dissipated Morgana was nowhere to be found.