Welcome to my first world everyone! This world is entirely a fan-fiction on Disney's the Little Mermaid, and is also my first time even putting a fan-fiction down in something other than my head. (In another lifetime, I was probably a bard...) The only thing I really will ask of you (other than to please read this ) is to please be patient with me--I tend to get so wrapped up with planning what's going to happen next in my mind that I totally forget to put it down somewhere, not to mention college work...

Anyway, I usually do revisions over what I have done when I revisit it later, so if it looks any different than before--now you know why. (Sorry if there was any confusion.) At this point in time, I'm also expiramenting with page separations; the pages themselves will be almost as long as they would appear on MS Word, just in case you're curious. If it proves a little tricky to read, please let me know right away.

Don't hesitate to comment if you feel like it, and enjoy!

Chapter One

~The Siren's Call~ “Eric, are you alright?” asked King Triton. Grasping the sides of the ship tightly in response to the pain he was experiencing, Eric groaned, “Huh? Oh, yes, I’m fine.”...

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One year after the events of "the Little Mermaid II: Return to the Sea" Finally, after hours of worry and anticipation, Melody heard the first sounds of life indicating that she had just become an older sister. Witho...

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