Shielding her newborn from the gaze of their enemy, Ariel demanded with full force, "What are you doing here Morgana?! How did you escape your prison?!!"

More than pleased with the looks of shock, anger, and terror on her ill-received audience, she sardonically responded, "Now, now princess, one question at a time."

"Answer me!" No sooner had Ariel commanded that, Morgana violently used her magic to hoist her out of the bed with the newborn still in her arms. In a frenzy Melody tried to reach for her mother but was immediately halted by her father, who had quickly processed the seriousness of the situation. Pulling her back towards him, he whispered for her to try and calm down. Taking a second glance at the horrors of what was transpiring, Melody silently obeyed her father's advice.

"Honestly Ariel," annoyance of that last action clearly visible in her tone, "surely you of all people would know better than to test your fate with a sea witch, especially with a grudge." Ariel wanted to say more, but decided to silence herself instead. Returning to her previous tone, Morgana continued with her monologue. "That's a good girl. Now, if you would give me the respect I deserve, then maybe I'll answer your questions." She took a moment to study the expressions of her prisoners again, letting their dismay become her means of reigning dominance over them. Even though she relished the fear radiating from them, she knew better than to assume that it would remain like that forever. If anything, her last encounter with them told her not to lower her guard for a moment.

After a long and tension-filled pause, Eric became the first to speak. "How did you escape?"

Morgana's tentacles started to slither around as if they were possessed dancing snakes, reflecting her enthusiasm for the notion of continuing her drawn-out supremacy on her victims. "There, you see?" A smile of triumph slowly spread across her face. "That wasn't so bad.

"Anyway, I managed to escape that pitiful thing Triton called a prison with some magic—”

Melody cut her sharply off by mockingly saying (to the amusement of her parents), "Ha! For you Morgana, I highly doubt it was as simple as your making it sound."