“Well, if that isn’t gratitude for you!” she spat back at them before leaving the room, clenching onto her wound all the while.

Beyond furious at the audacity of her words, Eric thundered at Morgana, “‘Gratitude?!’ You think tormenting my wife and endangering my children yet again are things I should thank you for?!!”

“Yes, you pathetic fool!” she shrieked in response, silencing her audience with the wildness of her form as she jerked herself around to face them once more. “Do you think that I, Morgana, would waste my time and resources to concoct such a scheme as this?! After what happened last year, I never would have tried waiting for so long again to extract my revenge. If not for—”

In a fashion that mirrored her arrival, a mighty gale of phantasmic proportions blew in from behind the sea witch, flinging all of the leftover glass on the balcony doors into the air and ripping the curtains off their hinges. Ariel quickly pushed Melody face first into the bed and spread her arms and torso over the bodies of her children to shield them both from harm. Eric, reacting even faster than his wife, positioned himself in front of the bed with his back turned to the mighty wind. After doing so he expanded himself as far as he could to absorb most of the lethal debris, which resulted in his back being badly torn up. To the family’s fortune, however, the windstorm was not destined to last long. In a few seconds time it finally relieved them from its malevolent grip, casting a sigh of relief from the royals.

“Is everyone okay?” said Eric in a voice that was more like his usual self with all traces of his previous rage gone.

Ariel, apprehensive about how far the extent of the damage her husband received, started, “We’re fine, but Eric—”

Melody smoothly interrupted her with a tone of repressed awe. “What’s up with Morgana?”

Even if only temporary, in their moment of crises they had completely forgotten about the sea witch being in the room. Remembering her presence amongst them, Eric and Ariel slowly turned around and were shocked at what they saw. Morgana, for the first time to their memory, donned the face of pure terror; her whole body was paralyzed to where she stood, with the exception of her lower lip which was quaking ever-so slightly. Color almost completely drained out of her skin, her eyes were pried open as far as they could and were fixed completely in one location, as if she were seeing a poltergeist that commanded absolute attention.