Well, Scrub My Face With A Brillo Pad!

Chapter 3

One Man Went To Mow…

Monday 25th August


Masimo just called to say that he saw me kissing Dave yesterday. I just knew it was him on his bloody scooter coming down the street! He didn’t even stop, just looked as he drove past, and then zoomed off into the next street. Dave had leaped back like a leaping thing when he noticed the scooter, too.

Anyway, Masimo wants to meet up and talk about “that kiss”. What’s there to talk about? It was just a friendly kiss between chums. Not that everyone kisses their friends.

A minute later

And maybe it was a tiny bit of number 6, too.

A minute later

And some virtual number 8. But I can’t be certain.

A minute later

Anyway, yes. Masimo wants to meet up about 1-ish, to go for bloody coffee. What is everyone’s obsession with talking things over coffee? Even when my parents have a disagreement, they’ll say, “oh, let’s sit down and talk about this over a cup of coffee”. The Americans love their “cawwfeee”. I can’t stand the stuff, personally.


1.10 pm

He’s late.

Also, I’m going to practically live in here, soon. Twice in two days that I’ve actually been here. The Starbucks staff are going to start thinking that I actually like coffee.

2 minutes later

He’s here.

“Sorry, Miss Georgia, for being late. I was, how you say, held stuck in traffic.” God his eyes are gorgeous. No, bad brain! I must remember what the hornmeister said!

“That’s OK. Everyone gets held up, sometimes.” Crikey, that was almost a normal thing for me to say!

“So, Miss Georgia… I saw you kissing with Dave.”


“Is that mean he is your boyfriend?”

“No. He’s just a friend.”

“A friend you kiss?”

“Yeah. Well, no… Sort of.”

“What is it, Miss Georgia. Yes or no?”

“It happened by accident.”

I am not doing very well getting myself out of this sticky situation. Damn you Dave!

“By accident?”

“Yes, you see… I, er, fell… And he caught me. But we accidentally kissed.”

“I see,” Masimo frowned.

I poured some more sugar into my coffee. I’ve been pouring sugar into it for about the past 5 minutes. I think it might just be sweet enough by now.

“Listen, Masimo. I don’t think it’s fair what you’ve done, either.”

“How you mean?” Masimo looked surprised.

“Well, you phoned me just before you went to Italy, and said that we should take a break from being in a relationship. And you come back, and phone me to see if I wanted to meet up with you. It’s like you’re using me as your girlfriend when you want to,” wow, I totally told him what Dave had told me!

Get out of my brain, Dave the bloody Laugh!

“Oh, I see. Well, it’s just that I didn’t want you to be waiting for me for when I got back. I wanted you to go have fun, yes?” Masimo looked a little sad.

“But it’s like you were dumping me, and now you just expect me to jump right back and be your girlfriend again,” I frowned.

Masimo hung his head. Oh God, I hope I hadn’t made him cry!

“I think it’s best if we just leave it altogether, Masimo. I’m sure you’ll find someone else who you’ll want to stay with regardless,” I stood up.

Masimo looked up. He wasn’t crying, thank God.

“Maybe I can take you home, yes?” He held out his hand.

I shook my head, but took his hand anyway. And shook it. For God’s sake, what is wrong with me?!

5.05 pm

I’ve managed to grab the phone before Mum phones up any of her stupid aerobics chums. I’m planning to tell Jas all about my meeting with Masimo. I’ve only just gotten the chance, because as soon as I got home, Mum wanted me to take Libby down to the park. I had to bring her home, though, because she was trying to use another child as a boat. She was sat on him. He was pinned to the floor. Crying. That is the type of child my sister is.

Anyway, I dialled Jas.

“Hello?” Jas’ voice answered.

“Jazzy, my little pal.”

“Oh, God. It’s you.”

“That could be considered quite bloody rude, you know.”

“I know.”

“Anyway. I have something of utter importance to tell you. Two things, in fact.”

“Fire away.”

“I don’t know whether it requires an Ace Gang meeting…”

“Georgia, just tell me.”

“Well… First… Me and Dave accidentally kissed-”

“AGAIN?! You’ve got to stop doing that, Georgia! He has a girlfriend, and you sort of have Masimo!”

“Do you mind? You completely interrupted me, there! Anyway, no, he doesn’t have a girlfriend. He dumped Emma.”

“Bloody Hell.”

“I know. And I don’t sort of have Masimo, because he saw me kissing Dave, so he wanted to talk to me today. But, I told him we should just leave it altogether, because he just expected me to be his girlfriend again when he got back from Italy.”



“So, is Masimo off your list of boys to choose to be with?”

“What are you raving on about now?”

“Well, it’s Dave the Laugh, Robbie or Masimo. You have to choose one of them at some point.”

“It’s definitely not Masimo after today. I wouldn’t be surprised if he’d gone running to Lindsay, crying.”

“Did you make him cry today, then?”

“I thought I had, but I hadn’t. Anyway, how am I supposed to choose between Masimo, Dave and Robbie. Robbie’s going back out with Lindsay.”

“You never know. You know how clingy she can be.”

“Wow, did Jas just say something bad about Lindsay?”

“Oh, shush, I dislike her almost as much as you. Ish.”

“Anyway, yes. Masimo is off my list of boys to choose from.”

“OK. Can I go now? Have you finished ranting to me?”

“I do believe-”

She put the phone down on me!

10.30 pm

I am lying on my bed, full of confusiosity. I have been for the past 5 hours. So I have to choose between Robbie or Dave? Well, Dave’s, Y’know, a laugh… But Robbie.. Phwoar. Lindsay doesn’t deserve anyone remotely like him. Not with her lack of forehead.

5 minutes later

I am no longer lying on my bed in confusiosity on my own anymore. Libby’s pattered in, and has brought Angus and Gordy with her. Gordy’s actually been forced to stay indoors recently, because there’s a new cat up the road, and Gordy’s apparently been sniffing around her. He’ll have had his wicked way with her by now, if he truly takes after his father.

“Libby, why don’t you take the cats into your own room?”

“No, bad boy. Move up. Me and cats want to get in.”

Wednesday 27th August

11.30 am

I’ve gone for a walk through town. I’m not stopping at any shops, because my Mum rudely refused to give me any money to spend. I don’t know why, because all she’s doing all day is stopping home and looking after Libby. Why does she need her money?

A minute later

Oh, buggering buggery Hell. I must try to avoid him at all costs. If I hide in this here doorway…

“Hi, Georgia. Er, why are you staring at an ad for Jehovah’s Witnesses?”


“Oh, er, hi, Robbie. I’m, erm, not.” Oh, God, I’ve turned into Ellen. Robbie raised his eyebrows.

“Riiiight. Well, listen. Do you want to go for a coffee or something? We can talk about some things. My treat?”

What IS everyone’s obsession with coffee?! And what ‘things’ does he want to talk about? Ooooh noooo.


11.45 am

The waitress just raised her eyebrows at me as Robbie ordered our coffees. I can see why she looked at me like that, though. In the past 4 days, I’ve come here with 3 different boys. That can’t be good for any other people watching me, can it? It makes me looks like a tart.

2 minutes later

Me and Robbie are just slurping on our coffee. Not saying anything. I’m going to try my best to start a conversation, and not sound mad. Or like Ellen.

“So, erm…” MUST STOP DITHERING! “What did you want to talk about?”

Robbie looked up. He had a foam moustache. I resisted the urge to laugh.

“Well, not much. But I do hear that you officially broke up with Masimo?”

“Ooooh. Yeah. I did. Well, he wanted us to take a break whilst he buggered off to Italy for a couple of weeks, and then phoned me up the day I got back from Cornwall, though I hadn’t quite gotten home at the time he phoned, and expected me to meet up with him, like I was just going to go and ping back to him and be his girlfriend again.”

Robbie raised his eyebrows again.

“Seriously? He said that?”

“Yeah. But, never mind. I’ve officially finished it. I can’t be with a boy who can’t decide whether he wants me as his girlfriend or not.”

Robbie nodded. As though I was actually making sense.

“I’ve gotta say, Georgia, that you really seem to have grown up. You’re not talking utter crap anymore.”

“Wow. Really? Must be a sign of my new maturiosity.”

Robbie laughed.

“Anyway, Robbie. What’s happening with you and Lindsay? I haven’t heard much about you two recently. Everything still peachy keen?”

Robbie stopped laughing and frowned.

I must really stop starting my sentences with ‘Robbie’.

“Well… In her eyes it is. She thinks everything’s fantastic between us. She thinks that I’m going to move to be near her when she goes to university, too. To be honest, I don’t want to move to a place nearer to a girl I’m not sure I even like.”


“Well, let’s put it this way. She’s all hung up on me, but I don’t really want to be with her. She’s clingy, and if I’m being honest, she’s fake. The only reason I went back out with her was because I felt sorry for her. She came to me, crying that Masimo knocked her back, and she asked me to be a shoulder to cry on. I agreed, and somehow we ended up going out again.”

“Crikey. Are you going to dump her?”

“I don’t know… I’m going to have to, sooner or later. It’s not fair of me to keep stringing her along like this, but she never gives me a chance to tell her anything. It’s all about her.”


“Yeah… Well, anyway… I’d better be off. I promised Tom I’d pick up some flower seeds from the gardening store. See you later, Georgia.”

Still In Starbucks

12.11 pm

I’m still thinking about what Robbie just said. Not about the flower seeds, but about him and Lindsay. So she’s really into him, but he doesn’t want her. Well, that’s a turn out for the books!

12.30 pm

I’m walking off home to go and phone Jas about my discovery.

A minute later

Holy Crud! I just went to cross the road, and this car was speeding towards me, and who should be driving it? Lindsay!! Who the Hell let her have a license?! She could’ve killed me!

12.45 pm

Phoned Jas.


“Jas, Jas, Jas, my bestest little pal!”

“Alright, Georgia. What do you want, this time?”

“Nothing! I have news for you!”

“You’ve tamed your big red bottom with a firm hand?”

“No, but I wish I did. I just spoke to Robbie, and apparently, Lindsay’s all keen on him, but he doesn’t want to be with her!”



“Well, is Robbie going to break up with her?”

“He says that he never gets a chance to talk about anything with her, because all she ever does is go on about herself. But he says he wants to break up with her sooner or later.”

“It’s not nice of him to keep going out with her if he doesn’t actually like her enough to go out with her.”

“I know. That’s what he said, which is why he wants to seriously talk with her. But like I said that he said, she only ever talks about herself.”

“Sounds about right.”

“It does, doesn’t it?”

“Yes. So, is that all?”

“It is.”

“OK, bye.”


Friday 29th August

1.00 pm

We’re having an emergency group meeting. Here in Starbucks. I don’t ever want to enter this place again after today. Anyway, Our emergency meeting is that school starts on Monday, and none of us have thought of a new way to wear our berets.

“I can’t believe you guys are still thinking of stupid things to do with the beret,” said Jas. She’s just annoyed that we dragged her away from her seed-planting session with Hunky.

“Well, we haven’t, really. Which is why we called this meeting,” Rosie replied. She’s wearing her beard again, and sucking on her pipe. They apparently “help her think”.

“We’ll be 6th formers as of Monday. I don’t think we should be doing stupid things with our berets anymore,” Jas reasoned.

“Come on, Jas. We have to inject a little fun into Stalag 14. Otherwise we will be bored to death,” I said, slurping on some more coffee.

“We’ll all get detention on the first day…” Jas continued.

“For God’s sake, Jas! Get a life!” Rosie exclaimed. Jas looked a little hurt.

“Well, unlike the rest of you, I do have a life. I go out with Tom, and we do things away from our friends and school,” Jas returned.

“Oooh, what sort of things?” Jools asked.

“Just… Things. You know. Rambling, looking at nature…” Jas replied.

“Fascinating, I’m sure,” Rosie said, stroking her beard. “What I think we’ll have to do… Is do the sausage method with our beret. We haven’t used that one for a while, and it’ll take too long to think up something new.”

We all nodded in agreement. Except Jas.

“I refuse to do anything stupid with the beret.”

“Don’t do anything with it, then. The rest of us will,” I said.

“Fine. If you’re all done discussing stupidity, I’ll be off. I have seeds to sow,” Jas said, getting up from the table and walking away.

“One man went to mow, went to mow a meadow…” Rosie sang under her breath.

“That has nothing to do with sowing seeds,” I pointed out.

“Yeah, and? The song suited the moment.”

“Fair enough.”

Sunday 31st August

8.30 pm

I have tried my bestest to keep Libby and the cats out of my room. It’s worked so far, but it’s approaching Libby’s bed time, so she may invade my room to sing her a song, or read her a story or something. And I can’t be doing with that.

So, I plucked to within an inch of my life earlier, so there are no caterpillar-eyebrow incidents going on. And whilst in the bath, I practically shaved myself raw. Which is not something I say every day. I’m now so bald, that I could probably pass for Uncle Eddie’s twin.

Except, I still have hair on my head.

I wonder what Uncle Eddie would look like with no eyebrows?

A minute later

That… Is such a funny image in my head.

Nooo, down madness!! I cannot let anything mad in my head right now!

8.45 pm

If I just make sure that I have all of my stupid uniform ready for tomorrow… Yes, there it is. All hung up in my wardrobe, ready and waiting. I’ve pre-rolled my beret, just in case I get up late and don’t have time to roll it in the morning.

9.00 pm

Oh, God. It’s here. Libby’s bed time. And yep, here she is, barging her way into my room, holding onto Gordy like there’s no tomorrow. Luckily, she doesn’t have Angus. I don’t think I can stand all three of them.

“Are you off to bed, now, Libby?”

“Yes. Your bed. Night, night, bad boy.”

“No, Libby. You need to go to your own bed and sleep.”

“No, bad boy. Sleeping your bed. It’s naaaaaice.”

“Yes, but your bed must be nicer, surely?”

“No. Your bed nicer. Now get in, bad boy.”

I am controlled by my little sister.

Monday 1st September

8.15 am

Late, late, late! I just KNEW I was going to be late. Uniform has been put on in a rush. Straighten out uniform. I look somewhat presentable. Hint of eyeliner and lipgloss. I’ll just shove my head in my bag when I walk past Hawkeye. Beret… Pinned to back of the head.


8.20 am

Just buttering myself some toast. Well, a slice of toast that I hope hasn’t been slurped on by Libby. She’s licked every single slice of toast that Mum has made so far, and then stuck it back on the toast rack. I’ve grabbed one that Mum’s just taken out of the toaster, so I think I’m safe.

“Good morning, family!”

Father has arrived. He’s wearing his tie I got him from Cornwall.

“Sorry, Papa, I must dash, for I have school to attend. Toodles.”

Ran for it.

8.30 am

Met Jas at her gate. I’m glad she’s not having a huff with me.

“Are you ready to roll, my little pal?” I said as I walked up to her.

“Most definitely.”

I looked at her head. She hasn’t done the sausage method. She’s no fun.

“I’ve been thinking…” Jas started. Oh, God. “Who do you think will become prefects now that Lindsay and her crew have left?”

Good question.

“I have no idea. It’s sure to be stuck-up swats who lick the teacher’s bum-oleys.”

“Or, it might just be decent students who like to learn and don’t do stupid things with their berets.”

I looked at her. She looked at me.

“You actually WANT to be a prefect, don’t you?!” I exclaimed, cottoning onto what Jas was saying.

“Well, it would be nice. But with you and the rest as the Ace Gang as my friends, that odds are stacked against me.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?!”

“It means that you guys ruin my chances of being a prefect with all of your stupidity.”

“Well, in that case, don’t be our friend!”

“Georgia, you’re so childish. FinE, I won’t talk to you guys. I’ll disassociate myself from you guys, and hang with the other prefect-to-be’s. “

Grr to her!


9.00 am

I’m sat next to Rosie and the rest of the Ace Gang. Jas has gone to sit next to some other swats. The Ace Gang looked really confused when Jas blanked them, but they frowned when I explained what she’d said.

“How could she blame her bad chances of becoming prefect on us? Amen.” Jools asked.

We were doing prayers, so we were adding ‘Amen’ to everything we were saying, so it looked as though we were actually praying. Like last year.

“I don’t know. Amen.” I replied.

“It’s, like, horrible that she, like, wants to be, like, a prefect more than our friend. Or something. Amen.” Ellen said.

“Well, live and wear beards. If she wants to be prefect so bad that she’ll abandon our friendship. Then so be it. Amen.” Rosie said.

9.05 am

The people who are to become prefects this year are being announced. So far, Jas hasn’t been mentioned.

A minute later

I spoke too soon. Slim has just read out Jas’ name. All the Ace Gang looked in shock, me included. We looked over to where Jas was sitting, and she looks in shock, too. Now all the new prefects have to go up and get their special badges. Jas tripped over her chair. Ha, bloody, ha.

9.10 am

The God songs have started. We’re singing “All Things Bright And Beautiful”. Except, me and Rosie are singing a different version.

“All PANTS bright and beautiful, all UNDEARWEAR great and small!”

Jas can clearly hear us, because she’s giving us the eagle eye. Crikey, she’s going to be the next Lindsay/Hawkeye. It’s like she’s their love child!

9.20 am

Dammit. Jas collared hold of me and Rosie at the end of assembly, and has sent us to Slim’s office for, “being silly and changing the words to the song” as she put it. She’s taking this prefect business alarmingly serious. I hope she snaps out of it, soon, because I’m beginning to miss her. A bit.

“I can’t believe Jas has sent us to our beloved head!” Rosie said, pouting.

“She’s taking her prefect title too seriously. I mean, we’re supposed to be her friends.”

“Well, if she chooses prefectness over us, then so be it. She’s not invited to my party tomorrow night.”



“Oh, God.”

And that was when the almighty leader called us forward.

“You two girls, in here, NOW!”

“Yes, sir,” Rosie muttered under her breath.

10 minutes later

Me and Rosie now have to attempt to find the class we’re in. I pray to God we haven’t got Hawkeye for homeroom. Slim just ranted and raved, and gave us bad conduct marks. What a fabulous year this is going to be, if, half an hour into the new year, we already have marks next to our name.

5 minute later

We found our room. We don’t have Hawkeye. It’s someone much worse. It’s Herr Kamyer. German Dithering King. I would’ve said ‘Dithering Queen’, because I suspect he has a touch of femininity to him. But, Ellen already has that title.

“Girls, du ist 15 minutes late.”

“Sorry, Herr Kamyer. The headmistress of this dear school held us up, thanks to a certain ex-friend who sent us there because she is now prefect,” Rosie said, and we both looked at Jas, who pointedly looked away.

4.15 pm

The first day of Hell is officially over! Nothing much happened in the lessons. We were just told what we’d be doing throughout the year, given various textbooks and so on. Very boring.

Anyway, me and the rest of the Ace Gang are lumbering home. Jas is behind us, keeping a distance, but not so much that she can’t hear what we’re saying. Nosey.

“Tell me more about your party, then, Rosie,” I said.

“Well, everyone has to be at mine for 8pm. That gives you all just under 4 hours to get ready. I suggest you do most things tonight. Decide what to wear and so on. Sven is DJing. There will be food. In the kitchen, not the living room. My parents are helpfully moving everything from the living room upstairs.”

“Er, why?” Mabs asked.

“Because this party is no ordinary party,” Rosie replied, unhelpfully.

“What sort of party is it, then?” Ellen asked.

“It’s a foam party.”

“Oh, God,” we all said, shaking our heads.

“Yes, the room with be filled with thick foam and bubbles. So, I suggest that you all wear something that doesn’t get heavy when it gets wet, and something that you don’t mind getting all foamy, soapy and soaked,” Rosie continued.

“You do realise that we have school on Wednesday morning?” I said.

“Yep. If you can’t get up in the morning, then it’s tough. You’ll just have to skive off,” Rosie replied, shrugging.

“I think someone may notice if we all just don’t turn up on Wednesday, Ro,” Jools said.

“Nah. They’ll suspect nothing,” Rosie disagreed, putting her beard on. “I’ve invited practically everyone, so we’re ready to roll. I just need everyone to turn up, now.”


11.56 pm

I wonder what I should wear tomorrow night? I’m thinking my black leather skirt, and maybe my nice purple halter neck that my parents kindly gave me money for at the beginning of the Summer holidays.

For shoes…? I might not wear heels. I don’t want to look like a prostitute. I’ll wear my sparkly silver pumps that are super comfy and won’t kill my feet by the end of the night.

At least that’s my outfit planned. Make-up will only take me a few minutes. I think I’ll go super natural on that front, and only put on eyeliner, mascara, foundation, powder, purple eyeshadow, and lip-gloss. Very natural, I think.

Right, time for bed…

5 minutes later

I can’t sleep! The Next-Doors have left the Prat Poodles outside, and they’re howling like mad. The Next-Doors are always complaining to me about Angus and Gordy yelling at all hours of the night, so I’m going to go round and complain about their bloody dogs.

On The Next-Doors Doorstep, Banging On Their Door

5 minutes later

Mr Next-Door has finally opened the door, and is looking around, bleary-eyed.

“Oh, it’s you,” he said, when he realised who I was.

“Lovely to see you, too, Mr Next-Door. My, the midnight moon does make your skin glow-”

“What the Hell do you want?”

“Touchy, aren’t you? Well, I just came to COMPLAIN about your bloody so-called dogs who are making an utter RACKET. If you could shut them up, that would be fab, thanks.” I walked off back to my own house.

Back in bed

5 minutes later

The Prat Poodles are still yapping away. But all is good, because I can hear someone else knocking on Next-Door’s door. And now some shouting.


Those would be the dulcet tones of Mr Across-The-Road.

5 minutes later

The dogs have been shut up.

Tuesday 2nd September


This morning has gone without major incident. Luckily, all we have this afternoon is General Studies with Miss Wilson, so we’ve decided to start doing make-up then. It means that when we all take baths later, we won’t be able to get our faces wet, but oh well.

6.00 pm

We all ran home like loonies once school was finished. We didn’t even do anything stupid with our berets, or sing stupid songs. In fact, we acted quite normal today, to try and stay out of trouble. Of course, Hawkeye thought we were all up to something, me and Rosie in particular, so she was watching us intently. We were genuinely trying to keep out of trouble. Jas seemed impressed with us, but we still didn’t talk to her.

Just drying my hair, then I’ll straighten it, then I’ll apply clothing. Teehee.

7.00 pm

One of the cats have done a poo in my sparkly shoes! Not just in the one shoe, but both of them!! Bloody furry things! I’ll have to get Mum to disinfect them tomorrow. Now I’ve got to choose a different pair of shoes… I’ll have to go with heels. They’ll have to do.

8.05 pm

“You’re late,” Rosie said, as she opened the door and looked me up and down. “And also dressed to impress.”

“I’m only five minutes late!” I said, as I pushed past her into the house. There were already loads of people here!! Including Dave, Rollo and everyone. The rest of the Ace Gang were already here, too. “You really didn’t invite Jas, then?”

“Well, I told her she could come if she wanted to, but she said something about having to get up tomorrow morning,” Rosie replied, waving at Sven, who seemed to be having a whale of a time at the decks.

“So do the rest of us,” I raised my eyebrows.

“Yeah, but you’ve got to remember, she’s a prefect now,” Rosie said, raising her eyebrows back at me.

She made a point.

8.55 pm

The party is literally heaving. We’re doing one of our many Viking Dances in front of everyone, and everyone is clapping and cheering. Then the door opened. And there stood… Jas.

We all looked at her, she looked at us, Sven stopped the music, people were looking around confused, Rosie grabbed the microphone, I grabbed hold of it as well, because I felt left out.

“You owe us an apology, Missy,” Rosie said. Everyone looked at Jas.

“I’m really sorry, guys. You lot are my besties, and no matter how much I actually wanted to be a prefect, you lot should’ve come first, and I shouldn’t have ditched you,” Jas hung her head. I took over the mic.

“And are you sorry for sending us to Slim’s office?”

Jas looked up.

“Yes. You only changed the words of the song. I was just abusing my power of prefect.”

“Next time, send us there for something worthwhile. Sven, put the vibes back on!” Rosie shouted.

We all ran over to Jas and gave her a big hug. And I mean, just the Ace Gang. Or, it was just the Ace Gang having a group hug, until Dave the Laugh shouted from somewhere that everyone else should join in.

9.05 pm

Rosie’s started the foam. I’ve also just had a thought, and asked Rosie about this. But, won’t the foam leak into Sven’s decks, and ruin the electrics and everything? Rosie said it won’t, because they’re waterproof. That’s all very well, but are they foamproof, too?

A few minutes later

There are people slipping over left, right and center. Me and Dave are trying to dance, but we can hardly see each other, and one of us keeps slipping slightly.

“This party is rocking, isn’t it, Kittykat?” Dave shouted to me over the music.

“Totally! I haven’t been to a party this good for ages!” I shouted back.

“Do you know what would make it even better?”


“A snog!”

Oh, Goddy God. Did he really just say that? I can just feel my lips puckering up…

“Isn’t this party good as it is?!”

“Nah, a snog would make it better!”

Uh oh.

9.40 pm

Dave snogged me and ran. Saying he needed to be home. Why is it we always accidentally snog?! At least no one could see us, because of all the bloody foam. Then again, I couldn’t really see Dave. I could’ve been kissing anyone. No, I know it was him, from his kissing abilities.

But… I could’ve been kissing something that wasn’t his mouth.

Erlack! Down, brain! Down!


12.30 am

Everyone had to admit defeat in the end. Rosie’s house was fit to burst with all the foam. I think she might have tomorrow off, because she’ll have to clean up.

A minute later

I can’t believe I snogged Dave, again! Ooooh, I’m so full of confusiosity!