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Here is the world of my Togekiss Gijinka Tristyn! He welcomes you warmly and hopes you will make yourself at home while he puts on some music and makes some tea for you both. Maybe even have a good chat!



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(This world was inherited by my old PGR OC, Chii. So older posts on this world are still in his name.)

Cheruu:... Another ONE?!

Cheruu: You REALLY need to stop letting random people run free in our world, Chii Chii: But he looked so lost and lonely, so I asked if he wanted to do a quiz! <3 Cheruu: You’...

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Chii, Cheruu, Scotty Interveiw

Me: Alright guys, time for an interview--Ya ready? Chii: Yep~! Cheruu: Whatever. Scotty: ME ME! I wanna do eit~~ Cheruu: Just SHUT UP! Go AWAY! Me: Alright! Here goes! Cheruu: WHY is he still HERE?!?...

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Chii borrows a Quiz from Lux

Chii: Here goes--Thnx for the quiz, Lux~ Cheruu: Do I have to do this? Chii: Eventually~ Cheruu: Augh. The horror. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 1) Pick one of your OCs 2) Fill in the questions/statements as if...

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Wait. Scotty gets a Quiz?!?!

Scotty: *looks at site* I feel so left out.... Cheruu: What the HECK are you doing here you're not allowed here! Scotty: C-Can I....? Chii: Do a quiz? Sure. Cheruu: WHAT?!? You're letting him defile our page?! Chii: *...

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Cheruu's Bucket List Quiz (Try this one!)

Augh, I guess I'll do this. Guess you all will know me better after this right? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ > Bucket List > > Hit forward and place an X by all the things you've done and remove the X ...

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