Wait. Scotty gets a Quiz?!?!

Scotty: *looks at site* I feel so left out....
Cheruu: What the HECK are you doing here you're not allowed here!
Scotty: C-Can I....?
Chii: Do a quiz? Sure.
Cheruu: WHAT?!? You're letting him defile our page?!
Chii: *shrug* Let him have his fun I guess
Scotty: YAY~! *hugs Cheruu*
Cheruu: Get those filthy hands OFF ME! D8<

1. Choose a few of your own characters. Five at the most.
2. Make them answer the following questions.
3. Tag three other people.

-Scotty <3
How old are you?
*crosses legs to prepare for interview* Well, I’m 18 years old
What's your height?
I am 5’ 11’’ and finely built I’ll admit
Do you have any bad habits?
*giggles* I awfully should change the way I greet other guys…. They get the wrong impression *giggles again*
Are you a virgin?
*laughs* Yes.
Who's your mate/spouse?
None currently.
Do you have any kids?
Not a one
What's your favorite food?
I love a good crème puff but my agent never let me have any because they’re terribly fattening
What's your favorite ice cream flavor?
Butter pecan <3
Have you killed anyone?
Can’t say I have~
Do you hate anyone?
*eyes flash*… *smiles* ohoho no no no… I don’t hate ANYONE
Do you love anyone?
I love EVERYONE <3
What is your job?
I used to be a magazine model… But that didn’t quite *shrug* work out for me if you know what I mean….
Boy or girl?
Hm? Well I’m sure I’m a boy if that’s what you’re asking.
What do you do to relax?
Music is the only thing that really keeps me sane in this entire world… *grin* Literally.
What song do you think would best describe yourself?
Oh! So much to choose from…. How about "Karma Chameleon" by Culture Club? It certainly fits me very well :3
Any hidden talents or something no one else knows about you?
I’m stronger than you’d think~
What do you think of your creator?
She’s darling for creating me!
What color is your hair?
A bright yellow
Finally, what's your sexual orientation?
*thinks*…. *shrug* Whatever moves my way I would assume.
Now tag three people...
Have fun Gijinkas! <3