Chii, Cheruu, Scotty Interveiw

Me: Alright guys, time for an interview--Ya ready?

Chii: Yep~!

Cheruu: Whatever.

Scotty: ME ME! I wanna do eit~~

Cheruu: Just SHUT UP! Go AWAY!

Me: Alright! Here goes!

Cheruu: WHY is he still HERE?!?

Chii: lol.

1. One quick generic question as an introduction: What name does your character go by most often?

Chii: I go by Chii :3
Cheruu: Cheruu. Call me anything else and you might die.
Chii: But Honey bunches~!
Cheruu: SHUT UP!
Scotty: *giggles* I’m open for any cute nickname~ But mostly just Scotty

2. In crowds, does your character tend to gain energy or expend energy?

Chii: I’m very good in crowds, I like to be the center of attention mostly
Cheruu: I expend it. Period. Crowds are DISGUSTING.
Scotty: I attract attention whether I want to or not <3
Cheruu: You lair. You sick sick man.
Scotty: *giggle* I could teach you--
Cheruu: Don’t talk to me, drag queen!

3. Which of the seven deadly sins is most prevalent in your character's personality? (Lust, gluttony, greed, sloth, wrath, envy, or pride?)

Chii: Oh goodness--I have no idea D:
Cheruu: Chii is pride--
Chii: Hey I--!
Cheruu: --And Scotty is… Lust
Scotty: *giggle*
Cheruu: Make him go away D;
Chii: That was mean D:<

4. Conversely, which of the seven holy virtues most applies to your character? ([Listed as opposites to above] Chastity, temperance, charity, diligence, patience, kindness, or humility?)

Chii: I think either charity or kindness--I really think those things fit me, don’t you guys?
Cheruu: *shrug* sure.
Scotty: MmHm.
Cheruu: Then me… Maybe…
Chii: None of them?
Cheruu: Just SHUT UP!
Scotty: Patience for me~
Cheruu: That’s called PERSISTENCE for you, creep
Chii: He’s got a point
Scotty: *shrug*

5. How does your character see himself—is he down on himself, content, or a braggart?

Me: You guys aren’t gonna answer these--People want honesty!
Chii: Oh *sigh* okay :/
Me: Chii is very content, sometimes he loves himself but he’s no too braggy. Cheruu I’ll admit is a bit of a downer on himself, but outwardly he seems content.
Cheruu: Hey--
Me: Oh and Scotty….
Scotty: *giggle* No need for words, yes?
Me: Yes.

6. What's the first thing he notices when he walks into an unfamiliar room?

Chii: I notice the walls first, hot and cool colors really change the mood of a room for me
Cheruu: I notice the windows--Rooms are generally intighting so I’d like to know where I can either escape or just stare out into the world
Scotty: Hehehe I honestly look at the furniture first--It’s nice to know what I can strategize with~
Chii: O.o
Cheruu: MY EARS! THEY BLEED! Make him LEAVE!

7. The eternal question: neatness or organized chaos?

Chii: I like things neat enough to walk around, but too neat makes me feel uncomfortable
Cheruu: Neatness is always nice
Scotty: All shiny and pretty!

8. In closing, what does your character's name mean?

Chii: I just got my name because it sounds like Chinchou and my creater was being lazy :/
Me: Hey! That’s not very--
Cheruu: Same with mine.
Me: You know what--!?!
Scotty: She wanted me to have a name that was cute and started with an “S” or a “D”
Chii: Well aren’t you special.
Cheruu: Meh.

Me: Wow, that was a lot of fun~
Cheruu: Yeah for you.
Chii: I thought it was pretty awesome!
Scotty: I--
Me: Anyway, PGR people, have fun with the interview!

(Btw, it's a lot more fun with more OCs in the mix :/