Channel 18 Pilot Episode

“Oh lord”, Itsumi began “He’s here” She turned towards the interns. “That’s the scary man, Yuri.”

Yuki got out of the jeep and helped Yuri put his things in the back. He walked into the jeep and sat next between Itsumi and Yuki. He turned around and grinned. Akira and Mine watched him in horror.

“What the hell is this man on?” Akira whispered to Mine.

“I don’t know. How can someone, with a crappy job like this, still maintain a smile.”

“Hello.” Yuri began “My name is Yuri Ishida.”

“My name is Akira Yagami.”

“My name is Mine Takaya.”

He turned back around to Yuki and Itsumi. “How was America Yuri?” Itsumi asked with a smile. Yuki started the car. “It was good, until I landed, then my whole trip turned to crap. My allergies are so bad.” He said looking around. “Where is Tennosuke?”

“Tennosuke is in jail.” Yuki said “We are about to pick him up.”

“What did he do?” Yuri asked shocked he had his hand over his mouth.

“He was going 140 mph speeding after a corrupt lawyer. He lost control of his vehicle and smashed into the car” Itsumi said in one breath

“How is the lawyer?” Yuri said still shocked putting his hand over his mouth again.

“The lawyer is okay. He broke his arm, nose, ribs, he broke one of his legs, and he broke his jaw”

“Did the motor bike hit the car or did Tennosuke hit the car?” Akira asked confused.

“Tennosuke hit the car. The vehicle steered out of the way” Yuki said

“Then how is Tennosuke?” Mine asked.

“He’s okay.” Yuki said. “No scratches.”

“How the hell is that possible.” Akira asked.

Yuri gasped and put his hand over his mouth.
“We are here” Yuki said. Itsumi loosened the tie in her hair and left the jeep. A few minutes passed and she came back with her brother Tennosuke. He messed with his short white hair. He was physically built. He wore a white muscle shirt and blue jeans. He had a dragon tattoo on his back; Mine could see it through his muscle shirt.

He sat between Akira and Mine and said nothing on their way back to the building.

‘I am going to be working with this man’ Akira asked himself. ‘He seems reckless, I am kind of scared’ One question was bugging the hell out of him though.



“What do you do here?” Akira asked knowing an absurd answer would be sure to follow. This one blew Akira out of the water.

“My show is called Late Night Yuri”

Akira fainted.


“So is your show yuri, or does that just go with your name?” Mine asked.

(Late Night Yuri is a pun on his own name. It is merely a Late Night Talk Show)

“It goes with my name.” Yuri said laughing.

(Ameyawa is my version of Tokyo)

If you want to see the unedited version (basically no difference), than feel free to PM me. I will give you the link to my freewebs site.

Other than that, I hope you enjoyed the first episode.