Channel 18 Pilot Episode


“Wake up” Yuki said hitting Akira in the head. We are off to pick up Tennosuke and Yuri.” Akira slowly moved then stopped “I don’t want to meet any of your damn friends.” he pulled the covers over his head. Yuki leaned to him and whispered in his ear. “You forget,” he began, “I am gay. 90% of yaoi stories start with men not wanting to get out of bed” An instant later Akira was getting dressed.

“I am so sorry” Akira said bowing to Yuki. He ran out of the room as fast as he could without his clothes on. Yuki grinned as he heard Mine and Itsumi scream. “I was only joking.”

“So explain to me Yuki?” Mine began as they were getting into Yuki’s jeep. “We get free rent and food as long as we are amazing on television and not embarrass ourselves”. Yuki looked back at her.


“So where am I going to work?” She asked

“You will most likely work with Itsumi.”

“What about me?” Akira asked butting in.

“You will be with Tennosuke. He is part of the paparazzi squad. Actually, he’s the only member. I think you will most likely be with him.”

“What is he like? Is he cool? Is a jerk?” He looked back at Yuki quickly. “Is he gay?”

“Tennosuke is Tennosuke” Itsumi said shrugging.

“What does that mean?” Mine piped in.

“Tennosuke is a brick wall. Every time you make contact with him he never responds.” Itsumi said filing her nails

“Were you once an item with him?” Akira asked nudging Itsumi.

“No he is my older brother.” she said glaring at him.

Yuki started the car and sped off toward the Ameyawa International Airport.

“What about Yuri?” Akira asked. He sat near Mine. Yuki and Itsumi sat in the front.

Itsumi chuckled “Yuri is a very hard person to explain. He is… You just have to see for yourself.”

“So how is your mother?” Yuki asked Mine, completely changing the subject. Mine laughed “She sent me a letter from jail.”

“Awwwww! What did the letter say?” Itsumi asked turning around.

“Two words” (You can kinda guess what a mother would say to her daughter, after her daughter sent her to prison)

“Wow, she must hate you.” Itsumi said.

“We’re here” Yuki said slamming on the brakes. Akira hit Yuki’s seat. A tall blonde man walked to the jeep. He wore and over coat. He had a cheery smile on his face.