Channel 18 Pilot Episode

Yuki got in front of Akira and rose his hand.

"Oh god" Akira said "I am very sorry" He could see Yuki's hands turning red. Yuki unleashed the fury of his right hand on Akira’s face.

"KAMEHAMEHA BITCHSLAP" Yuki said striking Akira making him fly through the room.
Well that’s about it mother. I am having a hell of a lot more fun than I would be if I was working with you.

Screw You
Mine Takaya

(P.S. The white powder is just flour)

She took the envelope to the main room of Channel 18. Her black flowy hair concealed the grin she had on her face. The grey night shirt she wore was wrinkled, so was her shorts. She walked past the fallen Akira and presented the letter to Yuki.

"I finished Yuki."

Yuki did an over exaggerated gasp and put some of the white powdery substance in the letter. He then sealed the letter and handed it to Mine. She trotted off to the elevator while Yuki had his cell phone in his hand.

"Hello Ameyawa Police Department.” He began with a grin on his face. “I think we found a drug dealer"
Three days later

"Today on Channel 18 we have breaking news. There has been a drug bust inside of Channel 7" Itsumi said with a serious look on her face. "The culprit was Asuka Takaya, they found several pounds of cocaine in her possession, more on this story soon"

“HOW MUCH DID YOU PUT IN THEIR YUKI.?” Mine asked turning around.

“Just a little bit.” Yuki said pantomiming

"Wow Mine your mom is freaking busted" Akira said eating popcorn in front of the T.V. He passed the popcorn to Mine. "Look there's my mom." She said pointing to the television like a little kid. Mine's mom looked exactly like her except older. Asuka was glaring at the camera so were two other girls.

"Hey it’s those two tramps that I saw four nights ago" He went to get some more popcorn and stopped.

They were still staring at Yuki.

He quickly sat down on the couch behind Akira and Mine.

They were still staring at him.

"Whoa" Yuki yelled "It’s like one of those paintings. You keep moving and they're still staring at you" Yuki moved while watching them.

They're heads moved where Yuki moved. "Cheaters" Yuki said turning off the T.V
Channel 18; one of the four news channel’s you will find in Ameyawa.

Channel 7
Channel 18
Channel 28
Channel 34

This story follows the footsteps of the lowest and least popular NewsChannel 18