Channel 18 Pilot Episode

Channel 18 PILOT

The Lowest Of the Low.


Dear Asuka (Mother)

Thank you so much for calling me a disgrace to the family. I really appreciate it coming from an old hag like you. That is why Akira and I have decided to join forces with Channel 18. We are having so much fun. There are so many interesting people that work there. Like, for example, Yuki Sakaguchi.
A tall young man walked the streets of Ameyawa to work. He had green hair that reached his shoulders. He wore tight blue jeans that his wallet couldn't fit in. His shirt said in big white letters Contents Under Pressure. He slowly walked by two rich looking girls and accidentally bumped into one them.

"Watch where you’re going jerk." One of the girls said glaring at him.” "Wait a minute" The second one began looking closer at the man. "I know this prick. You are Yuki Sakaguchi from Channel 18.” She started laughing making the other girl laugh. “You bastards are so stupid.” She slowly caught her breath. “We are from the distinguished Channel 7" she said in a stuck up manner

"Oh!” Yuki said cocking his head to the side. He slowly pointed at them. “And you must be the tramps that I saw last night." Yuki yelled with a grin on his face. He looked at their clothes "I remember your clothes being trashier last night. What, did some old geezer buy you those clothes for sympathy purposes."

"You’re a monster" The first girl said on the verge of tears.

Yuki threw a thumbs up at them

"Believe it Bulimics" He said going on his way. He also did a sexy hair flip.
Yeah mom, Yuki is a great guy and funny. There is also Itsumi Ryuma. She has to deal with Yuki's antics all day.
"Hello Itsumi!" Yuki yelled and hugged her. "I hope you bought some groceries.” She had long white hair that was tied in a bun. She wore glasses also. He dumped the groceries on the table. Itsumi picked up a bag of white substance and inspected it. "What the hell is this Yuki?" She asked feeling inside the bag.

He grinned at her "Its flour". Suddenly Yuki's phone started to vibrate. He froze still and a grin spread across his face.

“Guess who is calling” he said

“No one!!!” she said glaring at him “You just wanted the phone to vibrate in your pocket.”
Akira fits in really well also mother. It is probably going to take him some more time though.
"Hello everyone" Akira said He wore a yellow shirt with a peace sign on it and some torn blue jeans. He had short black hair that hadn't been combed. "I've got coffee" He said carrying the coffee to Itsumi and Yuki. He tripped over Yuki's foot spilling the coffee on his shirt.

“DAMNIT!! THIS CRAP BURNS.” Yuki yelled.

“Well that’s pretty obvious” Akira said. “It’s hot coffee”