Welcome to the Channel 18 world. This world is where my novel is being posted. This follows 2 interns, Akira Yagami and Mine Takaya, who work in the lowest of low newschannel. This story follows their adventure into the madness.

Channel 18 Season 1-Channel 18 vs THE WORLD Turbo Remix Edition part 5



Channel 18 Episode 1

This is technically considered the second episode. If you are reading this for the first time then read the PILOT episode. I hope you enjoy this and if you want to read the uneidted version than just send me a pm and I will happily give you...

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Channel 18 Pilot Episode

Channel 18 PILOT The Lowest Of the Low. 10/03/2003 Dear Asuka (Mother) Thank you so much for calling me a disgrace to the family. I really appreciate it coming from an old hag like you. That is why Akira and I have deci...

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