Hello Hello Otaku members!

The name is Erin, but I am better known by my username, Akeni Chan.

I would like to welcome you to Akeni's Corner, a totally randomistic world that I will use as a sort of down to earth journal to pass time before I go to college. (The count down is on! I only have 6 Months! [3 until I graduate] :3 )
Anyway, so that you are aware, I like to talk about a lot of things, and I can be quite frank about stuff too. I post about the good and the bad, because as a human, that is natural for us to experience such things. Because this is theOtaku, I made a goal to add a "mini sketch" to each of my posts. c: I hope you all enjoy!

Now for a bit about myself...

I play the violin ( I am going to major in Music Ed, or Music Therapy when I enter college)
The name Akeni goes with many things... I shall make a post about this one day.
I am a Sagittarius (Rooster for those into Chinese zodiacs).
Blue and Gray are my favorite colors.
I use improper grammar as a comical addition to my writing. No worries though. It doesn't get too crazy.
My favorite number is 9.
I am older than most of my friends, but am also the most immature (* u*;; )
I like HUGS. :D
...and emotes :3
Gaiaonline.com is a website I frequent. My username is Akeni Shark.
I have a FRIES!!!! wallet.
I draw in my free time and nap when I can.
I am openly accepting to many things (this includes sexual orientation, religions, beliefs, etc. that are outside of my own) so basically I am not close minded to other people and their cultures. I respect and love diversity. <3
I live in the "center of the US", which is Kansas.
Mac n' Cheese is my FAVORITE food.

and I love you all.

Embedded is a picture of myself and all my current nicknames (drawn of course) for your eyes to enjoy. :D

I think this is the general gist of myself. As time goes by, and I make more posts, you guys should be able to learn more about me. I will be posting drawings most likely in the fan arts area. I've not done a wall paper yet because of inadequate materials, but I shall get around to doing so soon! I plan to do some challenges as time progresses as well. Hopefully you like my world enough to subscribe (or be friends with me, cause friends make the world go round~!). Have a good day!

Leaving Gracefully

No, I am not "leaving gracefully", like my title may suggest, but it is actually the name of a Taiwanese Movie (based off of a true story). It is about a family (consisting of a husband, wife and daughter) whose life changes when th...

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The end of spring break, but the start of something new~

Hello! My spring break will be officially over on Monday 12AM CST. At first I was thinking that my break would be totally borin, as I had to babysit most of the week, but towards the end it increasingly grew fun. c: As today is St. P...

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Spring Break 2k12

I am currently going through my last day of school for a week. Then I am off for spring break. Yay!

However, I really feel like I want spring break to hurry up and pass by so I can enjoy the rest of my events that following week. On the 22nd, I, along with my fellow orchestra friends and chorale kids will go to Dallas, TX to participate in a Heritage Festival for a few days. c:
And then after that, we participate in State Large Group (where all the orchestras and choirs in Kansas perform for a rating.)
AND THEN~ at the end of March our school does this thing called Senior Spotlight. I get to perform a violin solo for the school called Meditations (I believe from the opera Thais). It is a really pretty piece... I just need to find a way to get over my nervousness. * _*;;

Oh, Earlier on this week, I took some pictures of the sky! :D

Hopefully Kansas will experience more days like this...at least for Spring break.

One of those odd moments in life



Today's topic covers an event this week that I noticed when I woke up from bed. I don't possibly think things could sound or be any more awkward, but I wouldn't put it past me... ._.;;

Sweatpants + Sleeping in Bed = Rolled up sweatpants when I wake up?

This is something that happens a lot, so I guess it isn't really weird. But I think it is a humorous oddity. Whenever I decide to wear my sweats, and proceed to sleep in them, the next morning I find that the legs are neatly folded up mid thigh. : And I don't ever recall waking up to do so. I sleep with many blankets, so I would've thought that if I were too warm, I would just remove a blanket or two...but roll my pants legs up? Meh.. oh well...

Does anyone else notice weird things that happen after they wake up from sleep?

No picture this time...cause I haven't gotten around to it. I shall try to within the hour though. c: