Hello Hello Otaku members!

The name is Erin, but I am better known by my username, Akeni Chan.

I would like to welcome you to Akeni's Corner, a totally randomistic world that I will use as a sort of down to earth journal to pass time before I go to college. (The count down is on! I only have 6 Months! [3 until I graduate] :3 )
Anyway, so that you are aware, I like to talk about a lot of things, and I can be quite frank about stuff too. I post about the good and the bad, because as a human, that is natural for us to experience such things. Because this is theOtaku, I made a goal to add a "mini sketch" to each of my posts. c: I hope you all enjoy!

Now for a bit about myself...

I play the violin ( I am going to major in Music Ed, or Music Therapy when I enter college)
The name Akeni goes with many things... I shall make a post about this one day.
I am a Sagittarius (Rooster for those into Chinese zodiacs).
Blue and Gray are my favorite colors.
I use improper grammar as a comical addition to my writing. No worries though. It doesn't get too crazy.
My favorite number is 9.
I am older than most of my friends, but am also the most immature (* u*;; )
I like HUGS. :D
...and emotes :3
Gaiaonline.com is a website I frequent. My username is Akeni Shark.
I have a FRIES!!!! wallet.
I draw in my free time and nap when I can.
I am openly accepting to many things (this includes sexual orientation, religions, beliefs, etc. that are outside of my own) so basically I am not close minded to other people and their cultures. I respect and love diversity. <3
I live in the "center of the US", which is Kansas.
Mac n' Cheese is my FAVORITE food.

and I love you all.

Embedded is a picture of myself and all my current nicknames (drawn of course) for your eyes to enjoy. :D

I think this is the general gist of myself. As time goes by, and I make more posts, you guys should be able to learn more about me. I will be posting drawings most likely in the fan arts area. I've not done a wall paper yet because of inadequate materials, but I shall get around to doing so soon! I plan to do some challenges as time progresses as well. Hopefully you like my world enough to subscribe (or be friends with me, cause friends make the world go round~!). Have a good day!

One of those odd moments in life



Today's topic covers an event this week that I noticed when I woke up from bed. I don't possibly think things could sound or be any more awkward, but I wouldn't put it past me... ._.;;

Sweatpants + Sleeping in Bed = Rolled up sweatpants when I wake up?

This is something that happens a lot, so I guess it isn't really weird. But I think it is a humorous oddity. Whenever I decide to wear my sweats, and proceed to sleep in them, the next morning I find that the legs are neatly folded up mid thigh. : And I don't ever recall waking up to do so. I sleep with many blankets, so I would've thought that if I were too warm, I would just remove a blanket or two...but roll my pants legs up? Meh.. oh well...

Does anyone else notice weird things that happen after they wake up from sleep?

No picture this time...cause I haven't gotten around to it. I shall try to within the hour though. c: