One of those odd moments in life



Today's topic covers an event this week that I noticed when I woke up from bed. I don't possibly think things could sound or be any more awkward, but I wouldn't put it past me... ._.;;

Sweatpants + Sleeping in Bed = Rolled up sweatpants when I wake up?

This is something that happens a lot, so I guess it isn't really weird. But I think it is a humorous oddity. Whenever I decide to wear my sweats, and proceed to sleep in them, the next morning I find that the legs are neatly folded up mid thigh. : And I don't ever recall waking up to do so. I sleep with many blankets, so I would've thought that if I were too warm, I would just remove a blanket or two...but roll my pants legs up? Meh.. oh well...

Does anyone else notice weird things that happen after they wake up from sleep?

No picture this time...cause I haven't gotten around to it. I shall try to within the hour though. c: