Spring Break 2k12

I am currently going through my last day of school for a week. Then I am off for spring break. Yay!

However, I really feel like I want spring break to hurry up and pass by so I can enjoy the rest of my events that following week. On the 22nd, I, along with my fellow orchestra friends and chorale kids will go to Dallas, TX to participate in a Heritage Festival for a few days. c:
And then after that, we participate in State Large Group (where all the orchestras and choirs in Kansas perform for a rating.)
AND THEN~ at the end of March our school does this thing called Senior Spotlight. I get to perform a violin solo for the school called Meditations (I believe from the opera Thais). It is a really pretty piece... I just need to find a way to get over my nervousness. * _*;;

Oh, Earlier on this week, I took some pictures of the sky! :D

Hopefully Kansas will experience more days like this...at least for Spring break.