*wakes up* Huh...? Ugh... Annoying! Who's the one with the loud heavy feet? *>__>

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*stares at you* .... Nosy.
But, whatever. Yo. *puts hand up*
What? You're here to read up on me? ... Eh, too lazy to stop you.
Go head. *waves you off* ....
... And um.. close the door behind you, bigfoot. *pulls up covers and goes back to sleep*

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Creeper Alert*Clears Throat*What you are to me ♪ My Space ♪ My GearRPYa Need Help RPing W/ Me?

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How I Sound

*yawns* .. So you're back again, bigfoot? Alright, what's up? Wanna know how I sound? Eh, I guess I could give you a little sample.. *clears throat* English Voice: Light Yamgami- Death Note ...

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