Gyen's Profile

Pokemon: Golbat

National #: 042

Title: The Bat Pokemon

Name: Gyen Alexander Blanton

Nicknames: G, G-man, Vampire, Count Gyen, Yen-yen

Gender: Male

Age: 21

Birthday: May 16th

Sign: Taurus

Birthstone: Emerald

Nature: Relaxed

Held Items: Electric Guitar

Ability: Inner Focus, Infiltrator

Attacks: Screech, Leech Life, Supersonic, Astonish, Bite, Mean Look, Confuse Ray, Air Cutter, Poison Fang, Toxic

Weak Against: Rock, Psychic, and Electric Types

Height: 6’2

Weight: 170

Hair Color: Black

Hair Length: Nape-of-the-Neck length (Was long before)

Eye Color: Soft Blue

Skin Tone: Slightly Pale

Build: Tall and slim/muscular, semi- broad shoulders and chest, 6-pack

Markings/Scars: None

Tattoos: Forearm/ Shoulder- Black Tiger scratch, Chest- Two black vampire wings

Piercings: One on left ear, hoop earring

Appearance: Gyen has Golbat ears on his head and wings on his back. His eyes are a little sharp. Has a semi-pretty boy look, but also the tough/mysterious guy look. Has fangs, top and bottom, that are longer than normal fangs.

Full Outfit: (Will see in seasonal Outfit post)

Personality: Gyen is the nonchalant, laid-back, lazy, blunt talking type. Meaning he has a nonchalant expression on his face in almost every occasion. They will be times where he’ll tease you without knowing it, so hurting people isn’t intentional. He prefers to to observe then to get involved, and if he does get involved with something, it’s because he’s amused and would like to see the outcome of things. He would take morning/afternoon naps all the time and stay up at night so sometimes you'll catch him yawning if he’s awake during the day. He's not the one to do exciting things, other than perform, but he loves the amusement of watching something exciting. Totally into tv and music. Though he could be a bit lazy at times, he does keep fit by taking a night run or working out.

Though he is nonchalant, if you speak of anything dealing with music, he’ll instantly get excited about the conversation. If he sees that you're musically talented, he’ll definitely be interested in what you do from then on.

He's basically a "come alive in the night time" type of guy; totally into the night life. Drinking, showing his face at parties, and performing is all well known for him.

He’ll give you a nickname if he finds you amusing. Really not a flirt or anything, but it's not like girls don't catch his attention. When complemented by a woman, he doesn’t let it get to him, since he’s complimented all the time. It would have to take someone he’s really into to make him blush. He knows he’s appealing, but he’s not cocky at all.

Because he runs and workout, he eats A LOT. He LOVES food! Most of the time,when he’s eating, you’ll find that he’s munching on potato chips. He also eats a lot from drinking pokemon blood everyday. At times he’ll get urges to drink pokemon blood, since a Golbat does need blood for survival. And since gijinka are half, they are also his target. During these times, he’ll be a little too close for comfort towards people, just to get a whiff of how you smell (to see if he’s hungry for your blood). When he does this, it would look as if he’s flirting, when really, he just wants your blood. Males are not excluded from his actions since it’s just merely a little snack for him.

Orientation: Straight

Rival: None

Family: Zeus- Father, Gloria (deceased)- Mother, Zeon & Zandria- younger half-blood twin siblings

Hometown: Kanto Region

Likes: Eating, Sleeping, Music, blood, people who are amusing to him, cats,

Dislikes: Sour apples, cold things, annoying who are annoying, big shit talkers, being awaken from his sleep.

Fears: Nothing really

Strengths: Eating contests

Weaknesses: Starvation



Food: Meats (Steak, pork, ribs, etc) Medium rare

Drink: Bloody Mary

Color: Purple

Tree: Vampire Tree

Season: Fall

Activity: Eating, Sleeping & listening to music


Background: Gyen comes from a small town but relocated to the city. While growing up in the hidden small town, of only gijinka, it was only he and his parents. His mother, Gloria was dying from a new cancerous disease that only gijinka could catch. Since there were no cure for this new disease, Gyen had to watch his mother die, at his young age of 8. The family’s lost was great, but the life insurance helped them to move out of the small town and into the big city, full with humans.

Living undercover, the he and his dad found an apartment to live in for a while before his dad remarried and moved into a house. Gyen was home schooled until time came where he learned how to control the length of his fangs and how to bring in his wings. By that time, he was old enough to be in high school. Since he was a gijinka, he had to break the school rule of wearing a beanie during school, which made him seem like the “rebel” type. Gyen’s father Zeus, made sure he spoke with the school’s officials concerning Gyen’s hat so that his son could be able to have the “normal” teenage school life. Gyen was very popular in high school and was known as “Count Gyen” for his fangs, long nails, and bewitching good looks.

It was around 15 when got into music and singing, but he was always interested. He received his first electric guitar at 16 and learned how to use it in no time. One day he came around a band performing to the public, who were missing a singer, and decided to join them. He then come to find out these males went to the same school as him and also were pokemon gijinka undercover in the city. Not only were they all gijinka, they were all position types. His newly found friends were Grover who was a Gengar, Beatrice who was a Beedrill, and Steven who was a Skuntank. Once joining the group, they performed publicly for money. A talent scout found them and took them under his wing for his Talent Company “On the Rise”. Gyen and his new friends all created nicknames for each other (Grove, Beat, Stone) and formed the rock band “VampCore” with Gyen as the lead singer/electric guitarist.

The band was named VampCore since Gyen was the lead singer and resembled much like a vampire. The band wore vampire like clothing to appeal to the younger female audience and dark male audience. To keep up with the vampire gig, Gyen grew out his hair mid-back length.

Zeus’ wife, Clara the crobat, would often have disputes with Gyen, which drove him out the house at 18. He then moved into his own apartment with the money he made from his performing.

Now 21, Gyen and his band mates decided to end their band. Beat was accepted at his dream college, Grover was going to perform piano abroad, and Stone was getting married and starting a family. Gyen just wanted to explore the world; see new things and meet new people. But doing so, he could have to go far, with a new look, so that not many people could recognize him. Getting into a street fight, which he lost a lock of hair in, gave him more of a reason to get a haircut. He gave himself a haircut started to explore with dark shades on, a electric guitar on his back, and luggage in his hands. He had enough money to check in at hotels for the rest of his life, but it wanted to also settle in a reassuring place. He continued to search, until he approached a place deep in the woods, which smelled of half pokemon blood..