How to RP with me

*covers mouth as he yawns widely*

Alright, nosies. It's plain and simple.

  • If it's your first time meeting me, I'll stare the hell out of you until I find a nickname for you.
  • After meeting you, most likely, if I'm greeting you, I'll do this; *puts hand up* "Yo" "Sup?" "Yo/Sup, *insert nickname here*"
  • No matter what, I'll ALWAYS give you a nickname first, and whatever I give you, it's your name for me until I say otherwise.
  • I will never call a halfa a "gijinka". Like what kind of name is that? We are halfas; Half Pokemon, half humans. Period.
  • I don't care for much things, so please don't make me. *folds arms*
  • I'm no jackass, okay? I'm just blunt and don't care for how much my mouth runs, unless I find you.. cute.
  • I love food. Period. Take my shit away from me, and I'll just pull out another bag. *shrugs*
  • DON'T touch Sarrie unless you plan on waking up falling 50,000 ft from the sky.
  • I don't like smartasses, but I don't let them get to me. I tend to piss smartasses off just by being me.
  • I'm not a flirt.
  • Compliments don't get to me, unless I like you, but I'll thank you. Just don't expect anything else.
  • I'm lazy, so don't tell me to do something I don't want to do.
  • Me mean? Eh. Take it as you want.
  • Why fight? I'd rather sleep.
  • But I'm no wimp. Try me and you'll see.
  • You know about music? Great! What you like about it?! I love- .. *clears throat*
  • I'm rarely ever mad, irritated yes, but I don't care for much things to get mad.
  • Keep the cursing to a minimum, will ya? I mean it slips out sometimes, but dude, if you kiss you mother with that mouth, it should be clean.
  • Try to keep open wounds away from me, kay? It's for your own good.
  • I'm interested in girls, but you won't see me going after them. I'm not a chaser.

... Guess I'm done for right now.
I'll let you guys know what's up.

*goes back to sleep*