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Sakura Tachibana: Thank you! ^^ Sakura Tachibana: Good luck in high school! :) : Winner! Reenigrl: thank you for the birthday wishes. : Hey! yuko9kost: thanks for subbing!(>.<) Sakura Tachibana: Thank you 4 liking my comic! <3 : Happy (belated) birthday, lovely! nimbusoak: happy birthday! : Happy birthday! HotRamen2Go009: Happy Birthday! Have a great one kamichama karin s: happy late birthday. sorry i missed it. Kami-chan.x3: Happy Birthday!!~~ <3 ^^ Final Phoenix: Thank you! Your manga is awesome too! : you're sweet and talented <3 Stocking: eyyyyyyyyy : You too, pal! : hi there. Kitty K.O.: Happy Weekend to You as Well~ =D TrueStory: Hello. :) : Thanks! : :3 : murry krishmesh und a happy new year Champire: Congratz! You did an awesome work :3 reichiinya: Happy Easter! unknowndoll: happy B-day ^^ Kami-chan.x3: Happy Happy B-day!! *hugs* :D :D :D Milana992: Happy birthday! Dragon Anime: Happy Birthday! :3 teapartyprincess: happy birthday! Romanos Vixen: Keep on drawing you wonderful fan art! Romanos Vixen: Your image was amazing!!! neogeneva01: thank you for commenting on my art work! reichiinya: Happy Halloween! JapaneseTeddyBear: Thanks for entering in my challenge!! :) : You're my hero :U Kami-chan.x3: 'Cause your cool!! :3 Have a great day! kandafan: congrats for getting 2nd place!!! kandafan: congrats for getting 2nd place!!! kandafan: thnx for participatin in my challenge! Blubber Farts: hello! Blubber Farts: little miss ganondorf lover! >:D)) Blubber Farts: happy birthday! Blubber Farts: bestest loli ever! Blubber Farts: XD Blubber Farts: :D Blubber Farts: i dunno! Blubber Farts: back to school! Blubber Farts: hi  ^_^ Blubber Farts: ganondorf's wife Blubber Farts: to mrs. dragmire Blubber Farts: give urself a pat on the back. Blubber Farts: we're twins! Blubber Farts: stop poking me on fb! Blubber Farts: bff! Blubber Farts: awesome! :D Blubber Farts: coolness Blubber Farts: see you at the youmacon this year! 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