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okays~ my first challenge>:D for this challenge your basicly drawing one of your OC's you can pick any one, and their are unlimited entries^^


1) you dont have to color it, and i wont base of of which are colored, cause color can sometimes ruin a good pic, so no color needed
2)must be YOUR OWN CHARACTER!!!!!!! not some character from your favorite anime!!!!
3) you can have a pairing of two of your OC's as long as their yours
4) the pictures have to be PG13 and under, no nudity hentai, or anything like that
5)i would prefer hand drawn pictures, but if you do it on the computer thats fine.

1st place: one wallpaper request and one e-card request and 2 gifts
2nd place: one wallpaper request and 2 gifts
3rd place: 2 gifts
every one that participates will get a gift
(pm me if you want to negotiate other rewards or have a request for your gift)
and dont worry if your not the best drawer, im scoring mostly on how hard you tried!^^ im giving you 2 WHOLE MONTHS!!!!!!! give me something good pls!!!!!!!! if you have any questions comment them or pm me

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