Hello, my name is Natalya Charnetskova, I'm the Grand Duchess of Imperial Perovskia!
Welcome to my boudoir~

Nikifor's own story!

I'm taking English 102 and for our final writing assignment we are to create a children's story with a clear moral and a sort of subliminal message for adults. Almost everything I write is imitating the style of Hans Christian Andersen (because I ...

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Shiitake: the original Natalya

Believe it or not, Natalya wasn't always a spoiled Grand Duchess with a love for all things gothic lolita. In fact, she used to be a FMA cliche fan character that borderlined a...

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Ilarion's theme song?

I don't know why but I think it suits him.

Monarchy X Anarchy the play

Angeline Klopf Ms. Carr Theater, 2nd hr 10-05-11 Depart the Palace CHARACTERS Mikula- King of Perovskia Natalya- Spoiled daughter of Mikula Borislav- Captain of the Bureau of Public Affairs Ant...

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Mr. Puffy Pasha Pushkin

Mr Puffy!

Harp seals are so cute~