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It is my personal belief that no matter how amazing Anime is, as a genre, there are specific shows, that disgrace it. These are the ones even otakus' shun, and try to pass off as something besides anime. These are what anime-haters throw in your face to prove how wakeful anime can be.

Well, I think its about time we discussed a few of these, so here is the challenge: Tell about your least favorite anime, and why you don't like it. Don't pick a popular one you happen to hate, make it something that has been buried in anime history, that you have stumbled upon. Lets get those skeletons out of our closets and show them for what they really are, so we can warn each other, and go on with the good stuff.

The one with the most creatively written piece, and artistically corrupted anime, will be the winner. Trophies will be given accordingly. Have fun!

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Poke'FAIL. ~cheriblosomchibi
Killed It: Soul Eater ~Alchemic Mushroom
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