Memoirs of the Mind tiggerola

Memoirs of the Mind

Everything has its opposite…
…light and dark have always coincided…
…walking in the dark, as long as the realm of light is okay…
…but could there be another way?
If so, what would that way be?

There are many worlds out there.
Many worlds, but all connected by one sky.
Why were so many created?
Why do people end up where they are?
Do our individual lives have purpose?
Even as we are a part of a greater whole?

Is a greater truth within our grasp?
What must we give up to achieve it?

Are you ready…
…for the light?

Storyboard-esque of a game intro

Song: Winter performed by Bond
Male Voice (Sora): dude2556
Female Voice (Kairi): Kissy-Sensei
"Are you ready...for the light?" (Zefferia): Refi-chan (me)

Table of Contents

World 1—Destiny Islands {page 2}
*Part A: Back on the Island
*Part B: What if?
*Part C: A New Foe
*Pard D: Return to Darkness

World 2—Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles {page 6}
*Part A: Change in Race
*Part B: River Belle Pass
*Part C: Drop of Myrrh
*Part D: Caravan Commemoration

*NEW* World 3—Spiral: Bond of Reasoning {page 10}
*Part A: Back in High School
*Part B: Mystery of the Blade Children
*Part C: Desparate Alliance
*Part D: The Contramind's Carnival

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Date Published
10/23/09 (Originally Created: 10/23/09)
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