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Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles
Change of Race

They passed through the portal and came out near the edge of a primal looking village. They looked around to get their bearings and then looked at each other and jumped back at what they saw.

“Look at you guys!” Sora yelled.

“Look at yourself,” Zefferia pointed out, “Just a cowlick left of your hair’s spiky glory!”

Sora reached up to feel his head. It was true, all of his spikes were gone except one in front. The rest of his hair lay flat and tapered to a point on the side. He couldn’t see, but his hair had also changed to a blonder shade that was closer to Roxas’s hair. He looked down at himself and then over to Kairi, they both were wearing red and cream colored clothes that looked rather puffy compared to the tropical outfits they were wearing moments before.

Kairi’s hair was longer, thicker, and a browner shade than what it had been before. The style had two locks braided up front while the rest was held back in a bandana.

Riku and Zefferia looked like they were wearing animal hides with open toed boots. Riku had blue leather with white fur but his hair was practically the same plus the occasional braided lock. Zefferia had a light blue and pink outfit with a frilly diagonal skirt. Her hair was now grayer in a layered cut that curled out at the bottom.

“How did we change? Before, Donald always used his magic for us to blend in.” Sora stated, referring to his duck traveling companion from before, “I don’t think I’ve gotten that good at magic to change us instinctively.”

“Well that is a mystery, but as long as we don’t scare the natives, I guess that’s good,” Riku said.

“Well, we better start looking to open a gate so we can work our way back home before it’s too late,” Sora enthused.

“If it isn’t already too late,” Riku muttered detachedly while looking across the view of light smog over the forests and prairies.

“Imagine this: two Clavats and two Selkies getting along like they were best friends or something,” said a tall creature that resembled somewhat of a bird with a helmet.

The others looked at the creature as it descended the hill. Its skinny arms and big hands flapped back and forth to maintain balance. The group felt out of place confronting this odd looking local as they still looked close to human.

“Oh, hey, hi,” Sora stuttered, scratching his head, “We sort of lost our way while traveling; I hope we’re not being a bother.”

“No bother at all, I wondered why I was hearing unfamiliar voices in the village. I am Tipa, daughter of Elgove. Welcome to Padarak,” she welcomed.

The four thanked her and introduced themselves. She gave them a small tour of the village while taking them to the Village Elder to see if he could help the travelers. They were able to gather that there were four races that resided in the village as Tipa pointed out the sections where they lived. By comparison, they concluded that Sora and Kairi were Clavats while Riku and Zefferia were Selkies. Tipa was a Yuke and the other race was a short breed called Lilties that kind of resembled iron-clad turnips.

In the center of town stood a giant, narrow crystal that glistened in the sun. The Village Elder and his wife were mingling in front of it. It was hard to tell their race through their wrinkles, but judging by their style of clothes, the elderly couple appeared to be Clavats.

“Aw, Tipa,” the Elder stated, “just the person I wanted to see.”

“What is it, Elder?” she asked.

“As you know, every year we need to gather myrrh for the village crystal to protect the village from the miasma. Times have become hard and the monsters have increased. This has been unfortunate as now it is hard to spare any member of the village to go out, but you have been chosen to take a caravan to gather drops from myrrh trees that will help protect our village. I’m afraid with things being as tight at they are, we will be sending you off on your own. We do, however have a Moogle friend that can at least carry your crystal chalice for you as you travel,” he explained.

“Oh, Elder!” Tipa exclaimed, “I am honored, but do you think that I would be able to succeed by myself?”

“Hey, don’t worry, we can help,” Sora volunteered.

“Oh? Did you just move in?” the Elder questioned, noticing the others.

“Well, not really. We got lost and were trying to find our way, but if we go along with Tipa, maybe we’ll find what we’re looking for at the same time?” Sora explained.

“Thank you, kind travelers, we do appreciate the help,” expressed the Elder.

“Yes, thank you. We just met, but already you are like good friends,” Tipa said.

The Elder turned and grabbed a leather bound book that was sitting on a pedestal in front of the crystal and handed it to Tipa.

“Be sure to record your journey down,” instructed the Elder, “Remember memories fuel the drop and protect our village.”

Tipa nodded then led the group to the other side of the village square to where the Moogles had a shop. A small yellow fuzzy creature with a red pompom coming from his head and small bat wings came out to greet them. Knowing what Tipa was there for, he called out another Moogle, the one that was going to join them for their journey.

“Hi, I’m Mog, kupo!” squeaked the little creature, “I want to see the world; I can’t wait to start!”

Sora had come across Moogles before in other worlds, so seeing a bit of familiarity was heartwarming in this strange new place. Mog picked up a basket that held a tiny crystal fragment on the top.

Tipa explained that she just needed to say goodbye to her family and they could be on their way. So they returned to the Yuke’s residence for Tipa to bid her farewells. The others waited with Mog outside.

“Did you hear? They can see me! Tipa counted two Clavats and TWO Selkies, which means she was able to see me too!” Zefferia whispered in excitement.

Riku tried to calm her by patting her shoulder. Sora however, knowing how Moogles have shops spread across the different worlds decided to inquire of their new companion.

“So Mog, have you ever heard of Traverse Town or Radiant Garden?” Sora asked.

“Sorry, I haven’t, kupo!” Mog replied, “What’s that?”

“Other worlds. I thought that all Moogles would know about them.” explained Sora.

“Oh, I know that there are other worlds, but I haven’t been able to travel to them yet, kupo, but I’d love to!” replied Mog.

“Hm, maybe after we find the gateway out of here, you can come with us?” Sora offered.

“Really, kupo? That would be great!” Mog squealed.

Kairi cut in, “I’m just happy that I’m not left behind this time on the adventure!”

“Yeah, so…what are we setting out to do?” Sora asked.

Riku groaned, “You volunteered us to do something, but you don’t know what?”

Sora looked sheepish, “Well, they need our help.”

Mog took a deep breath as he went into explaining mode, “For some time, miasma, which is a poisonous gas, has flooded this world. The only thing that wards it off is a drop off of a myrrh tree, but the drop only lasts for a year, so villages send out caravans every year to find the trees and gather their drops into a crystal chalice, which is what I am carrying. The small crystal on top is like a miniature version of the crystal in the town’s center, so you don’t have to worry about the miasma as long as you stay within its aura.”

“Wow, good thing Moogles are good at explaining things,” Sora said dizzily.

“Yeah, if you didn’t catch that, Sora, you’d have to go back to school with the five-year-olds!” Riku teased.

“Hey!” Sora exclaimed, “I understood it…a bit.”

Tipa returned to the group with a basket of supplies that she received from her family. With everything in town taken care of, it was time for the caravan to set out.

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