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Current Stories
Memoirs of the Mind by Tiggerola (Kingdom Hearts, Story)
Wizard of Yu by Tiggerola (YuYu Hakusho; Script)
YYH Beyond! Saga II : Gifts to Deity by Tiggerola (YuYu Hakusho; Script)

Upcoming Stories
Last of the Seraphim by Tiggerola (YuYu Hakusho; Story)
Shadows of the Past by Tiggerola (Tales of Symphonia; Story)
Yo Ho Ganboro! by Tiggerola (Original; Story)

Completed Stories
An Anime Christmas: Year One by Tiggerola (YuYu Hakusho, DBZ, YGO, Fruits Basket, various others; Script +RadioPlay)
Angelic Rose by Tiggerola (YuYu Hakusho; Story) (Cartoon Cops)
Cartoon Cops Dating Service by Tiggerola (YuYu Hakusho, Teen Titans, various others; Script) (Cartoon Cops)
The Golden Harp by Tiggerola (La Corda d'Oro; Story)
Hiei in RainbowLand by Tiggerola (YuYu Haksho, Rainbow Brite; Script +RadioPlay and Bonus Features) (Thanks to Cartoon Cops)
Host Club Anime Celebration by Tiggerola (Ouran Host Club; Poem)
This is your ANIME Life by Tiggerola (Slayers; Script +RadioPlay) (Slight Cartoon Cops)
YYH Beyond! Saga I : Impending Elements by Tiggerola (YuYu Hakusho; Script +1 episode RadioPlay)

Tiggerola (aka Refi-chan)

If you are interested in posting your stories here, please PM me for full details of eligability! (To maintain a certain quality)

Chronicles of a King

This is a story I came up with for dattebaneyo's challenge. It's a bit of a different style but when thinking of the story and characters I wanted to do...

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Memoirs of the Mind

Memoirs of the Mind Everything has its opposite… …light and dark have always coincided… …walking in the dark, as l...

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Wizard of Yu

Yusuke: WHY AM I WEARING A FREAKIN’ DRESS? [Yusuke is standing in his bedroom, looking down at a blue and white dress.] Puu: PUU! [Small Puu comes waddling into the room.] Yusuke: What happened to you? You’r...

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Angelic Rose

Naïve girl sent to adult cartoon on mysterious mission. She keeps an eye on Kurama, but with other hotties walking around and Hiei’s suspicions, will her task be as easy as she had hoped? Takes place during Dark Tournament Finals. Th...

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YuYu Hakusho Beyond! Saga II : Gifts to Diety

YuYu Hakusho Beyond! Saga II : Gifts to Deity Missed Saga I? Check out the ...

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