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Destiny Islands
A New Foe

Just as they we’re approaching their boats; small, dark creatures emerged from the shadows. Sora and Riku held their hands out for their Keyblades to appear.

“Heartless!” exclaimed Riku.

“What are they doing here?” demanded Sora.

The boys fended of the small army with skill and prowess. One slipped past them and jumped to Kairi. She closed her eyes and raised her arms to keep it off. Bracing for the impact she peeked to find that her own flowery Keyblade also appeared in her hand and had destroyed the oncoming Heartless.

Able to join in the fight, Kairi began to swing her blade against the opponents. The number of dark shadows kept increasing as they fought on. Kairi noticed that the small creatures seemed to be trying to surround them. She turned to see one sneaking up on Zefferia.

“Look out!” Kairi warned.

Zefferia turned to see the heartless jump at her. But the Heartless flew right through her and landed to its doom on Kairi’s Keyblade. Kairi chuckled a bit to herself remembering that Zefferia couldn’t be hurt.

The enemies kept coming as the teens raged on. Soon the entire beach was covered in heartless. Sora, Riku, and Kairi stood back to back, ready to strike down any heartless that would come forward.

“There’s no end to them,” stated Sora.

“Quite annoying,” Riku nodded.

Kairi smirked, “It may take some time, but we can still take them.”

The two boys smirked, recalling similar encounters that they had faced in the past.

“Fascinating,” a low voice rumbled like thunder from above.

The kids looked up to see a man in dark robes floating above them.

“What’s so fascinating?” Sora demanded.

The voice from under the robed hood chuckled, “I came to this obscure place on my own agenda and I find not one but three wielders of the Keyblade. Fortune has smiled upon me today, indeed.”

The three teens glared up at the mysterious figure, refusing to blink in the pouring rain. The floating man held his hand in front of himself.

“No need to distract the Heartless, I’ll have some of my pets come to take care of you three,” the man explained, “They should be gentle enough so I can at keep at least one of you as a souvenir!”

The man opened a portal on the beach and three rusty pink blobs emerged. They sprang on the Keyblades and stretched themselves over them, completely covering them. While the trio tried to shake the creatures off of their weapons, the heartless appeared to have lost interest in them and started crawling towards the center of the island.

“Oh no, they’re headed for the Heart of the World!” Sora exclaimed, “We can’t loose it again!”

He let go of his Keyblade and ran after the Heartless. As he gained on them his Keyblade again appeared in his hand, unharmed. Just as he was about to start attacking again, darkness blinded his vision.

“Sora! No!” Riku shouted, seeing Sora run into a portal of darkness that the mysterious man made appear directly in front of him.

He let go of his Keyblade as well to run after Sora. Kairi grabbed the edge of Riku’s jacket as he past her, using all her strength to keep up with him. The blobs that were on Riku’s and Kairi’s Keyblades hit the ground and aimlessly inched around.

The man above watched the friends carefully. His had clenched into a fist the moment they all had passed through his portal, closing the door. He then used another one to swallow up his pink minions.

“I shall deal with you three soon enough,” he leered, “after I have the data of this world.”

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10/23/09 (Originally Created: 10/23/09)
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