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Destiny Islands
Return to Darkness

Inside the darkness, Riku and Kairi called out for Sora. The darkness was so thick that they couldn’t even see each other and felt that their calls were not penetrating the shadows that surrounded them. Kairi pulled herself closer to Riku and he put his arm around her so they wouldn’t loose each other.

After a while, they gave up walking and just stood in the darkness, holding each other. Their sight and sound were cut off, but at least they could still feel each other and know they weren’t alone.

Still, Kairi had never been in such a deep darkness and began to tremble. Riku wrapped his other arm around Kairi, squeezing her close to his body and prayed that Zefferia would be able to find Sora in this darkness like she had found him before. He recalled what it was like for him the first time he had been in such a place and could empathize with how Kairi was feeling as well as imagine how Sora would be struggling.

Kairi tightened her grip on Riku. The atmosphere was cold, but they still radiated their own heat. She planted her face into his chest then felt him stroking her back in a gentle manner. She told herself that things would be okay and tried to be brave like Riku. She worried about Sora and wondered how they were going to find him again. They had only been reunited for a while and now he was gone again.

Riku felt his shirt moisten where here eyes were pressed against him. He moved one hand up to hold the back of her head, bowing his own to rest his face on top of hers. With his nose in her hair, he could still smell the sand and coconuts from Destiny Island.

When eyes can’t see, they might as well be closed, but Riku’s eyes blinked open while he kept them shut. As they fluttered open, he thought he could partially see Kairi in his arms. Now he tried to keep his eyes open as his vision became clearer. In a few seconds, he realized that they were being illuminated and looked up to the source of light.

Kairi was startled as Riku eased his grip on her. While her eyes were blinking open, she realized she could see again as well. She placed a hand on Riku’s chest to confirm that she wasn’t imagining this opposition to the blackness then turned to see where this light was coming from.

The two saw a circle of light approaching them. As it got closer, they could see shadows of a person walking alongside the light. They squinted to make out a spiky-haired silhouette and soon see the black and red outfit and big yellow shoes he wore. It was Sora, and the light was coming from Zefferia, who was beside him.

“Sora!” Kairi exclaimed, as her voice could now be heard through the dissolved shadows.

She jumped up and ran to him, hugging him tightly. At first Sora was taken aback, but hugged her back. They then turned to smile at Riku. Riku’s head was bowed, with his hand across his chest, placed where Kairi’s hand was a moment before. Slowly, he got up to join the others.

“What’s with that shady guy? Did Organization XIII come back or something?” Sora asked.

“No,” Riku answered, “his robes were scarlet. Although he might still be a Nobody.”

“Scarlet? You could tell the color of his robes in the dark?” inquired Sora.

Riku ruffled Sora’s hair and joked, “Maybe you should get your eyes checked as well as your brain.”

“Hey!” Sora shouted, pushing Riku’s hand away.

“Well, they were scarlet, trimmed and lined with violet silk,” explained Zefferia.

The others turned to her with a puzzled look.

“What?” she defended, “Well what do you think I was doing while you were fighting Heartless? I’m not completely useless!”

Kairi grimaced, “What his clothes were lined with isn’t exactly information that we need to know.”

“Do you know what those pink things that looked like chewed up bubble gum were?” Sora questioned.

Zefferia shook her head with a shrug.

Sora went on, “I guess the next question is how we get out of here? And depending where we end up, how will we get back home without a Gummi Ship?”

“Well, you can use the Keyblade to open pathways between the worlds. Before, the Organization would link the Corridors of Darkness to them, so with Roxas and Naminé being a part of you guys, we can travel that way; unless you can get the doorway of light to work,” Riku theorized.

Sora and Kairi looked at each other as they recalled their exceptional Nobody counterparts that had rejoined with them in their previous adventure.

“Any idea how we get in touch with them?” Sora asked.

“If we call out to them, maybe they’ll respond?” Kairi guessed.

They stood side to side and closed their eyes, trying to mentally communicate with the Nobodies inside them. They called them by name and asked for help on opening a doorway out of the darkness.

Their countenances changed with both of their heads turning blond. As Roxas and Naminé became visible over their original selves they looked like different people and yet still the same. The two opened their eyes and lifted their hands to open a portal.

Sora and Kairi regained control of themselves. Beaming, they looked back at Riku and Zefferia, who looked content that the theory worked.

“I don’t know where it goes, but anywhere has got to be better than here!” Sora expressed.

He led the way through the portal into a new world.

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