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Furuutsu to Bejitaburu
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And here it is, the picture I promised. xD; This is the Of Fruits and Vegetables main cast. :D From left to right, it's Jo, Kasey, Tomato's Boyfriend, Tomato, Stefan, Gabe, and Dean. I'm going to talk about each of them, so be prepared for long footnotes... xD

Jo: Her real name is Janet, but she goes by Jo probably because she's a tomboy...ish? xD She's 26 years old and she does Tomato's make-up for photo shoots. She's Gabe's younger sister and Kasey's best friend. She's an easygoing, laid-back, and cool girl, but gets into arguments with her brother often (not unlike most siblings. xD). She's also really lazy. xD Suprisingly, she's a neat freak. (??!) I was trying to go for a kind of punky-type girl for her, but she came out girlier than I expected. xD Also; I HATE COLORING PLAID. It's not hard, it just takes long and it's boring. xD

Kasey: The first thing I would like to point out: I tried to make her Spanish, but I failed at the skin tone horrendously. xD So just pretend she looks Spanish...
Kasey is Jo's best friend and also 26. She's bubbly and energetic, and loves to gossip. She's completely up-to-date in pop culture (UNLIKE ME), and reads all the magazines. xD Oh yeah, she's also in charge of Tomato's make-up. She's like Jo's assistant. Kasey's outfit is my favorite, but I'm having a bit of a color crisis with it.... (Not that you can tell since her outfit is barely visible. xD)

Tomato's Boyfriend: Oh yes. The random nameless person.... Yeah.Tomato's boyfriend doesn't have a name and is referred to as Tomato's Boyfriend or TB. :D; Dean calles him Jacques sometimes because Dean thinks that's his name. (It's not. xD) (Dean came up with the name Jacques because TB is French.) TB is unusually.... unemotional. :I Apparentally he's really sweet and romantic around Tomato, but when he's around the rest of the crew, he doesn't say or do much... (he claims he's shy. xD;). Tomato's Boyfriend wants to be a photographer, and carries his camera with him everywhere. He doesn't officially have a job, but sometimes is asked to do photoshoots with Tomato.

Tomato: THE MAIN CHARACTER!!! xD Tomato is a 21-year-old model living in Paris. And is a boy. :M;;; He's loud, talkative, arrogant, naive, and overly energetic... and gets on his managers nerves often. xD Tomato has an oddly optomistic outlook on life, and despite his negative characteristics, he's actually a good person at heart. He is madly in love with his boyfriend (xDDD) and loves his job.
Tomato wears outlandishly colorful clothes, even when he's in the public.... Yeah. He has no shame.
Why did I say the least amount of stuff about Tomato, he's the main character....

Stefan: Stefan is Tomato's manager. He's 30 years old and is in charge of booking photoshoots or whatever for Tomato. He does all the actual work, so to speak. As a result, he's stressed all the time and has a habit of drinking when he's upset or has a lot on his mind. Stefan has some photography experience too...
Anyways, Stefan actually has a SECRET CRUSH ON TOMATO AAAGH. (this isn't really a spoiler, it's meant to be discovered in one of the early comics.) He probably developed the awkward crush from hanging around Tomato so much... But he denies the crush completely because he's 9 years older than Tomato, and he thinks Tomato is extremely annoying. xD Tomato is completely oblivious to the crush, however. xD
Stefan really doesn't like Tomato's Boyfriend. (Jealousy maybe? xD) He gets all cocky and arrogant around TB. xD; He thinks he's better than TB.
*Spoiler!* Stefan later starts crushing on Gabe...WHAAAT??! !?!? Yeah.

Anyways. Gabe (full name Gabriel obvioulsy) it Tomato's hairstylist. He's a big flirt, and a pervert. ._.; Oh yeah, he's gay so he flirts with guys. (4 OUT OF 5 OF THE MALE CHARACTERS IN THIS COMIC ARE GAY. Well hey. It's the fashion industry... >_>;) He's a pretty big slob, and is lazy and... uh. Yeah. xD; I feel like I'm not saying anything good about him at all. When he's not being a pervert, he's pretty easy to talk to. Although, he's the kind of person who says exactly what's on his mind. Oh yeah, Gabe likes that creepy metal music stuff... ._. Hm.
So anyways, Gabe is crushing on Stefan... although it's a little hard to tell if his feelings are genuine because he's such a big flirt. He loves to tease people, especially Stefan. xD;
Oh. He also has a tattoo on his chest. (Why?)

Dean: And finally, we have Dean. Technically, he's not my character, he's my friends character. She designed him, but I gave him a personality, name, and a story and stuff. Dean is 18 years old, and Tomato and the rest of the crew say Dean is the "hairstyling assistant/make-up assistant/wardrobe supervisor", but that basically means Dean gets all the grunt work. xD He's extremely submissive and does whatever Gabe, Jo, Casey, Tomato, and Stefan tell him to do. (HE HAS NO BACKBONE.) He's an extremely awkward and shy boy. He's actually pretty smart and creative, but doesn't speak up because he thinks no one will listen to him.
Dean is closest friends with Tomato's Boyfriend (???!!?!?!) and is able to talk to him about stuff... The two of them became friends when Dean was talking to TB and TB said something in reply. xD Yeah... I actually think TB is a good friend for Dean because he actually listens to him, unlike the rest of the crew. Although, the rest of the crew aren't mean to Dean, they just don't think he talks much.
As far as Dean's love life goes, he's in love with a girl named Leah, but she has a boyfriend named Mick.
...Wow, I said a lot about Dean... >_>

And so. That is what I have to say about the characters. xD Thanks for sticking around for all of that. Uh... I think it's pretty obvious that I started to get lazy on the coloring by the time I got to Stefan, Gabe, and Dean... >_> Oh well...
Oh yeah, the Japanese in the middle reads as "Furuutsu to Bejitaburu", which is Japanese for Fruits and Vegetables.

Once again, thanks for listening to me ramble. xD
You can see the comic HERE!

Edit: HAHA. I misspelled "furuutsu" and accidentally wrote "furuushi". (WHY DO KATAKANA TSU AND SHI LOOK SO SIMILAR...) I'll change it later... o3o

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