geikou (Fan Art Portfolio) Sketch - Violet Iridescence

Sketch - Violet Iridescence

Just a sketch to get me to paint something outside of work again, since I've been so unproductive at home lately! No references (I'm sure you can tell). The image I saw in my mind's eye was not of an Asian (I think the result looks Asian, anyhow), but I guess we just tend to draw what we know... Especially since I did not work from a line drawing for this one; just started painting. I know the anatomy and lighting aren't quite right, but this was just an exercise to get my digital paints flowing for personal art again.

Did this over a few lunches at work plus the finishing touches at home. So probably 3-4 hours (too long!).

Note to self: Sketches should be faster and, well, sketchier. My line drawing sketches are, but somehow, I get too bogged down in the details when I'm coloring. *sigh* Well, that's why I'm practicing.

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asian, flower, girl, portrait, purple, violet
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