Angel Zakuro (eCard Portfolio) smiliest kinds of thoughts.

smiliest kinds of thoughts.

When did I make my last card? Hmm...a few days ago I guess. Well, here's another one!! :] Because I've been avoiding working on my wallpaper lol. Who knows when I'll start that back up again. XD I'm too lazy and demotivated to do all that vectoring.

So I used this sweet scan, and I made the colors more vibrant (since this is for the colorful challenge!), warmer, etc. Added some texture as well. ^_^ That was the easy part...then came the typography! Lol! My gosh, it took me forever to deal with the stupid text. Quote was easy, it comes courtesy of WINNIE THE POOH. <33333 "Thoughts of someone special are always the happiest, smiliest kinds of thoughts," said Pooh. "The very smiliest," said Piglet. :D ♥♥♥ I love Pooh. ^^ But the arrangement and colors...argh...I spent an hour on! Lol. But I guess it turned out ok. Right?? I was going to make some of the text purple...but I don't know...couldn't get it to look right. ^^; Oh, and I added more hearts up in the corner.

Dedicated to Anna-chan cause she is such a wonderful friend that brings a smile to my face. :) And I was thinking of her because of her upcoming wedding! Congrats, Anna!! I'm sure you have the smiliest kinds of thoughts about that. <3 Enjoy!

edit: I changed the color of the bottom box to a much lighter yellow, almost white, instead.

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