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Defeat Script - Igglybuff Twins VS Jigglypuff Singing Pokémon Concert

I was torn on whether or not to make this a victory or defeat script but are just so many moments that don't work in Pokemon Episode 243 - Igglybuff Twins VS Jigglypuff Singing Pokémon Concert.

Ash with Brock and Misty are making their way to Blackthorn City when they meet Brittany who is teaching her two Igglybuff a dance routine, Brittany is an idol singer who performs with her two Pokemon although she claims the fans watch the Pokemon not her, Team Rocket are watching with Jessie seeing the potential of stardom for stealing the Igglybuff twins; Jigglypuff enters the scene but Ash has the sense to confiscate her microphone, Jigglypuff clearly jealous of the Igglybuff twins takes every opportunity to bully them behind the backs of Ash and co.
At the concert we see Brittany in full idol dress as she performs her songs while Jigglypuff searches for her microphone, Team Rocket interfere with their song version of the motto and steal the Igglybuff twins. Jessie daydreams of the type of idol she'll become not much different to Brittany only with added drama, the daydream is interrupted by Ash's Noctowl who brings their balloon crashing down, wanting to take revenge herself, Brittany battles and easily dispatches Team Rocket.
During the battles, Brock had been keeping the crowd busy until Brittany returns to do her final song, Jigglypuff finishes the episode by putting everyone to sleep and drawing on everyones faces.
Five takeaways from this episode.
1. This was my introduction to Japanese Idol culture, playing a number of references to the genre including the so called fan groups as well as Team Rocket referencing Morning Musume.
2. Brittany is naive to think that her fans came to see her Pokemon when it's obvious that she is the star, Brock pretty much confirms this but he is being creepier than normal.
3. Jigglypuff is a real bitch in this, while I hardly consider her an antagonist but she straight up assaults the Igglybuff twins multiple times.
4. I'm sure Lisa Ortiz isn't a bad singer, but those songs were dreadful, makes me wonder what it sounds like in Japanese.
5. This is pretty much peak Pokemon filler, introduce a Pokemon, attach it to the character of the day and go through the motions with team Rocket; it's a pity really since I actually like this episode but it's just so lazy.

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Defeat Script - Challenge of the Samurai

Now for some early instalment weirdness from Episode 4 of Pokemon Kanto - Challenge of the Samurai.

While travelling through Viridian Forest, Misty keeps getting startled by bug type Pokemon leading to the discovery of a Weedle, Pikachu isn't keen so Ash sends out Pidgeotto to fight it. Misty wanders off only to be confronted by a samurai who questions if she's from Pallet Town but when she says no, he continues to search until he confronts Ash.
This causes Weedle to flee which annoys Ash but Samurai is keen on battling Ash so the battle starts with Pidgeotto against Pinsir, Pinsir easily takes down Pidgeotto so Ash sends out Metapod as Pikachu still refuses to fight.
Metapod breaks Pinsir's Pincers and the match descends into an endless harden battle between two Metapods, the scene also involves Misty sunbathing in a bikini with Pikachu.
The battle is interrupted by a swarm of Beedrill forcing the group to flee to Samurai's cabin, however the Beedrill have taken Ash's Metapod.
Samurai and Ash argue with Samurai calling Ash a novice compared to the three trainers he was defeated by previously from Pallet Town.
Ash unable to sleep goes out to find Metapod the next morning only to be interrupted by Team Rocket doing their motto for the first time, this does enough to wake the Beedrill, Ash flees with Metapod in his arms, Metapod stares at him in pity but Ash says it was Samurai's fault, but he soon realizes that he should stop making excuses and own up to his mistakes, this gives Metapod the will to throw himself at Beedrill's Twineedle damaging him, this leaves a crack in his shell causing Metapod to evolve into Butterfree who promptly puts the swarm of Beedrill to sleep.
Samurai impressed with Ash's actions and handling of Butterfree that he shows him the route out of Viridian Forest.
The episode ends with Team Rocket stuck with the Swarm having also been put to sleep.
Four takeaways from this episode.
1. It really is Samurai's fault, Ash was in this situation to begin with.
2. Samurai was prepared to do more than cause Metapod to faint, the sword is a little much as well, you wonder if this is how he challenges everyone, restraint or not, he's threatening trainers to battle him with a sword.
3. Ash actually swears in this episode, he says "Cut the Crap" in the earliest installments but was likely removed later.
4. Ash says to himself he shouldn't make excuses but it isn't until Orange Islands that he actually takes his own advice when Lorelei opens his eyes to what he's been doing, that'll be a future episode on Victory Script.

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Victory Script - Pika and Goliath

A look at Pokemon DP Episode 74 - Pika and Goliath.

Its a normal lunch time for Ash, Dawn and Brock when Pikachu has to deal with Piplup who wanders off. A trainer approaches with a Pichu mistaking Pikachu for a wild one, Sho is attempting to make a powerful evolution team of the whole Pikachu line and begs Ash several times to trade Pikachu but Ash is having none of it but does at least agree to battle Sho's Raichu.
Ash tries everything against the Raichu, even calling on his previous knowledge fighting Lt Surge but Raichu not only matches Pikachu's techniques but greatly over powers the electric mouse, the battle ends when Pikachu takes a point blank hyper beam.
Paul who was watching says Pikachu would never beat Raichu as it is and calls Ash pathetic for even trying, but insults would have to wait as Pikachu is badly hurt.
Over night, Pikachu is in intensive care and even goes into cardiac arrest, the extra voltage keeping him going.
Ash approaches Pikachu in the ward and places the thunderstone next to his bed with Team Rocket watching in the background contemplating the idea of Pikachu becoming Raichu, Ash gives Pikachu the option and leaves him to rest, Pikachu not so happy is found the next morning training to strengthen his attacks, it's heavily assumed that Team Rocket helped him make the decision by stealing the thunderstone.
Pleased that Pikachu will stay as he is Ash re-challenges Sho and in an epic clash of titans, Pikachu overcomes the Raichu using his new found strength and techniques learned by watching Dawn's contests, Sho admits defeat and accepts Ash as a rival, Paul still not impressed.
Three takeaways from this episode.
1. This is a callback to season 1 when Pikachu went up against Lt Surge's Raichu with the next logical step obviously going up against a fully trained Raichu but it's also the last time we'd get this story.
2. Pikachu nearly died, really think about that for a second, we've seen Ash dice with death several times and plenty of episodes have dealt with ghosts of the deceased but rarely do they cover the death of Pokemon, it wouldn't be until Alola that it really talks about it but for many people, this was a nervous episode to watch.
3. With that in mind, a question: what counts as "too far" in a Pokemon battle? With Pokemon having constant medical help, it's easy to assume that most will get up after a mere fainting but Pikachu took a point blank hyper beam while pinned to a rock and was lucky to be alive, this is also the major plot point of Arven's story when his Mabostiff is injured to the point of being on life support before the first Titan, something to consider when you next decide to incinerate that level 2 Pidgey with a maxed out Charizard.

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