Defeat Script - Challenge of the Samurai

Now for some early instalment weirdness from Episode 4 of Pokemon Kanto - Challenge of the Samurai.

While travelling through Viridian Forest, Misty keeps getting startled by bug type Pokemon leading to the discovery of a Weedle, Pikachu isn't keen so Ash sends out Pidgeotto to fight it. Misty wanders off only to be confronted by a samurai who questions if she's from Pallet Town but when she says no, he continues to search until he confronts Ash.
This causes Weedle to flee which annoys Ash but Samurai is keen on battling Ash so the battle starts with Pidgeotto against Pinsir, Pinsir easily takes down Pidgeotto so Ash sends out Metapod as Pikachu still refuses to fight.
Metapod breaks Pinsir's Pincers and the match descends into an endless harden battle between two Metapods, the scene also involves Misty sunbathing in a bikini with Pikachu.
The battle is interrupted by a swarm of Beedrill forcing the group to flee to Samurai's cabin, however the Beedrill have taken Ash's Metapod.
Samurai and Ash argue with Samurai calling Ash a novice compared to the three trainers he was defeated by previously from Pallet Town.
Ash unable to sleep goes out to find Metapod the next morning only to be interrupted by Team Rocket doing their motto for the first time, this does enough to wake the Beedrill, Ash flees with Metapod in his arms, Metapod stares at him in pity but Ash says it was Samurai's fault, but he soon realizes that he should stop making excuses and own up to his mistakes, this gives Metapod the will to throw himself at Beedrill's Twineedle damaging him, this leaves a crack in his shell causing Metapod to evolve into Butterfree who promptly puts the swarm of Beedrill to sleep.
Samurai impressed with Ash's actions and handling of Butterfree that he shows him the route out of Viridian Forest.
The episode ends with Team Rocket stuck with the Swarm having also been put to sleep.
Four takeaways from this episode.
1. It really is Samurai's fault, Ash was in this situation to begin with.
2. Samurai was prepared to do more than cause Metapod to faint, the sword is a little much as well, you wonder if this is how he challenges everyone, restraint or not, he's threatening trainers to battle him with a sword.
3. Ash actually swears in this episode, he says "Cut the Crap" in the earliest installments but was likely removed later.
4. Ash says to himself he shouldn't make excuses but it isn't until Orange Islands that he actually takes his own advice when Lorelei opens his eyes to what he's been doing, that'll be a future episode on Victory Script.

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