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The Shark House - Chapter 34 - The Fury of Warhammer

Bayside is usually peaceful but certain individuals call this peace into question.
Razzmatazz's attempt to take advantage of Bayside's lax rules on competition makes him the perfect villain in the eyes of the public in Bayside but more extreme examples such as Dawn and Quint, who are more terrifying, Dawn is unhinged and rage filled while Quint has a reputation for being completely heartless, then there's Warhammer.
A name feared in gaming and racing circles, Warhammer is the most terrifying human in all of Bayside, the lack of identity makes this ten times worse.
If Warhammer shows up in a game, all you can do is run! Warhammer makes Elden Ring look like a children's game; on the highways, Warhammer has sent more drivers to the hospital than any other Emperor ranked driver, this includes Hellcat whose career was nearly ended by the armoured driver.
Luke didn't seem to get the memo, a testament to his gaming prowess that's seen him become the face of Gaijin Trap Energy Drinks, he stared down the armoured titan as both combatants entered the arena for the Smash Zone battle.
The VR arena opened and Warhammer entered in black armour and an actual warhammer weapon, Luke entered with a deathscythe.
"Any idea who this titan is?" Luke asked Giro on his side of the ring.
"You had that brief press day, you managed to shake their hand, what are you thinking?" Giro enquired.
"All the voices I can hear are Darth Vader breaths, I have an idea but I pray I won't have to resort to it" Luke hoped he had a chance.
As the match began, Luke wasted no time in unleashing a dark storm followed by a heavy strike with his scythe but Warhammer was not only unaffected but caught the scythe, the speed of Warhammer's strike that followed Luke barely avoided as it wrecked the ground below them, Warhammer wasted no time in unleashing hammer strike after hammer strike as the level of power was plain to see.
Luke will have his work cut out for him.

The Shark House - Chapter 33 - Shark Hunter

Frequently sat at the bar in the coffee house is Quint, a 64 year old former bounty hunter; you can't really miss him, he still smokes, dresses like the 70s never stopped and drives a 70s Mustang.
Quint was one of the original ten occupants of Shark House, he got out of the Shark House when Giro offered him the so called Shark Hunter job.
One of the most important aspects of Shark House is that everyone still owes debt, miss too many payments and Quint hunts you down; an old lyric from Hotel California sums it up best "You can check out any time you like, but you can never leave" this rings true for all ten current tenants and even Hellcat who might not be a resident but still has to pay Shark House for her debts.
Nessa and Barry are considered permanent residents as their debt is way too big that they would likely die before paying back all of it, the others will likely get out more quickly with Popuri odds on favourite to be the next to leave.
Following the Casino Square party the previous night, Hellcat and her friends were going through the arrangements for the Smash Zone round that was happening later tonight, at the same time Hellcat was looking for a new job, her red carpet entrance gained so much attention that she received hundreds of job offers.
"My mom gave me that dress on purpose didn't she" Hellcat bemoaning her unwanted attention.
"Kinda difficult to ignore your best feature, you could probably pay off that debt in one go" Luke hinted.
"Most of these offers are for certain adult jobs, only problem with that is, I'm a virgin" the moment Hellcat said that, Alice choked on her milk tea as she burst out laughing, she had to leave for the bathroom just to calm down. Giro interrupted to keep some peace.
"Eliminating all the "adult" jobs, what are you left with?"
Hellcat laid out five jobs requests.
Job 1: Bait shop assistant for Fishing Season down at Bayside pier.
Job 2: Dancer for a segment on Children's tv show Sunflower Street, 12 week contract.
Job 3: Lingerie model for one off photo shoot for Silk and Velvet Photography.
Job 4: Night Club Singer for Club Sheer Heart Attack, for six nights over six weeks.
Job 5: Waitress job for Lakewood Diner, permanent position.
"Best chance I've got of keeping Quint off my back is to take all five jobs" Hellcat looks over at Quint who death stares back.
"He's an Emperor class Highway driver as well, so I have no escape" Hellcat stamping the job applications and hands them back to Giro.
"On to today's business, I believe Luke is first up in the Smash Zone arena against Warhammer" Giro evil smiles at Luke.
"I know that look, you've seen the tournament bracket, Razzmatazz vs Firestorm is just an appetizer, the main course comes later, Blood Raven vs Cerulean Wizard" Luke laughs.

The Shark House - Case Files - Zoe "Hellcat" Helkin

The Shark House Case File 0

Name: Zoe Helkin
Known as: Hellcat
Age: 24
Nationality: Greek/American
Occupation History: Pizza Delivery Girl for six years, on/off mechanic for Chaos Engine. Currently unemployed following a month away in the Eden Dome.
Debt Owed to Shark House: $40,000 (Not an active resident in Shark House)
Skills: Cooking, Crafting, Sewing, Fishing, Left Handed, 5ft 11in, Trained in Dance up to age 10, very well endowed, surprisingly good pickpocket.
Highway Rank: Queen Rank (can battle anyone on the Highways but cannot earn money winning races or earn a wage from her Highway Team)
Notes: Hellcat's Shark House case is unique as she is still in debt but is lodging with former Shark House resident and childhood friend Alex Martini.

"She's the only pizza delivery driver I've seen where the pizzas she delivers are hotter than when they come out the oven, never had a single complaint on delivery speed but plenty of complaints over her attitude especially when being under tipped, not her fault our average clientele complain over small things like missing dips" - Luigi Marchetta, Luigi's Pizza.

"Sis, I mean Zoe is a pretty average mechanic, her injured left shoulder really held her back and it really made the atmosphere tense in the garage, she's at least aware of this and trying to improve; she's usually at her best in the summer where she grills up the best seafood, she really deserves a chance, I know she's better than this" - Joel Helkin, Chaos Engine Speedworks.

"Do I have to? Fine. Hellcat has the potential to surpass her mother, the legendary racer Black Velvet, right now she needs to find a new racing style as her current one is too aggressive and damages too many cars" - Kara Shindo, Highway Emperor Rank.

"Far too often Hellcat can be complacent and that has meant she's hardly touched her debt, she got on well with the other residents, especially Barry and Vanessa our permanent residents and she's a great friend to myself and my Slippy Squad teammates, she does arrive at the coffee shop and still pays her debt off slowly, despite not living at the Shark House anymore" - Giro Morgan, The Shark House Director.

The Shark House - Chapter 32 - A Night Of Truces

Casino Square played host to a large party for it's remaining competitors one day before the round 5 Smash Zone battles.
The press were gathering in their hundreds to welcome heavyweight players like Razzmatazz and Firestorm but all eyes were on two people, Popuri Meadows and Hellcat.
Both women guarded by Officer Barry, the press were in awe at the sight of the two beauties walking down the red carpet.
Popuri was used to formalities having done a few Olympic ceremonies, Hellcat on the other hand was petrified as all the eyes were on her, it didn't help that the dress she was wearing made her look like a Hollywood celebrity at the Oscars thanks to her mother picking out the dress, a silk red strapless gown, with a tiered skirt and a high slit giving her a look of a latin dancer.
Hellcat was so glad that Barry was on security and even happier she could walk with Popuri.
Alice to was getting attention as it was revealed that she is the granddaughter of Bayside's mayor, also not surprising that Slippy Squad would get alot of attention.
When the hype settled, Razzmatazz made no secret of his irritation of seeing Dawn, the tension could be felt between them, giving an equally eerie presence was Suzuka, she wasn't with anyone but it was clear she had the most interest in Popuri.
Hellcat really struggled with all the attention and stepped out onto the balcony just to stop a panic attack setting in, she hoped to be alone but was surprised to see Dave there, the two had not spoken since Hellcat came back from the Eden Dome, it was also clear that Dave wasn't his usual cheerful self.
After a brief silence, Hellcat asked what was wrong.
"I'm not sure if things are going well with Alice, she's super nice, fun, is very respectful of my boundaries and understands if I don't want to do something, but something is missing" Dave couldn't put his finger on it, Hellcat recalled a brief moment when Alice spoke in her adult voice.
"It's the adult part of the relationship, I don't think Alice is fully ready to show that side of her yet, just have to be patient and drop some hints" Dave agreed with Hellcat's advice, after another brief silence, Hellcat spoke.
"I have to know and please be honest with me, what does Chaos Engine actually think of me?" Hellcat asked trembling slightly.
"You can be very rough and very irritable, alot of the mechanics don't always find you approachable and you can be very reckless but we don't hate you, all of us were aware of your injury and it was always clear that you were trying so hard to get better, just wish you dial back the Hellcat and be more Zoe Helkin, we prefer it when Zoe turns up to the garage instead of Hellcat" Dave spoken with maturity, the words helped even though some comments aligned with what Alice said.
"I know I give you a hard time but I also know what you are capable of, you are a very skilled driver, you are better than your King rank suggests and you are probably the only Highway driver who could make a career out of it" Probably the nicest thing Hellcat has ever said to Dave.
"Hard to believe that the bratty teenager I met ten years ago is now a beautiful young woman" Dave gave a smile, the compliment caught Hellcat off guard making her blush.
"Where do you get off acting all cool for"
Dave was expecting a punch but Zoe instead stole a kiss, "Use that on Alice, I guarantee she'll be a keeper for you" Zoe throws Dave a car key. "I upgraded your Ford Focus RS Kingpin, you better get a Joker rank, I want top drivers in Chaos Engine" Dave was happy to get his car back, he threw to Zoe the Gracie's Ball tickets. "Make sure you get the Gold card for us, Team Captain Zoe Helkin" Zoe smiled and stuffed the tickets into her cleavage.
"You okay Zoe?" Popuri asked after finding her.
"I am now, thank you for being my friend" Zoe toasted Popuri, the future of Chaos Engine now feeling brighter.

The Shark House - Chapter 31 - What We Need Is A Montage

Easter was approaching, and all the prominent fighters in Smash Zone were getting on with training.
Hidden Ace had been training Razzmatazz, he didn't want to but he also pays well plus he got to beat him up multiple times which is always fun.
"He seriously needs to get laid, at this point I don't care who does it" Hidden Ace sighed and landed another punch on Razzmatazz.
Firestorm Dawn Shriners was training with Silent Viking in how to better use her rage, but Silent Viking just wanted Dawn to stop wrecking his favourite bar.
Popuri should've been training with Giro but Giro says she doesn't need it and instead taught her some barista skills for her next part time job.
As for Alice, she was nice and easy with Dave Dreamer and even let him leave early, Hellcat on the other hand she was whipping into shape literally.
"Stop whipping my ass already!" Hellcat shouted.
"You are a natural dancer with powerful legs and hips like steel and a rack to complete the perfect hourglass, we will keep going until you can break Mr Sandbag" Alice pointed at the training dummy.
Blood Raven had obligations to his sponsor so he was busy with a VR showcase of Smash Zone's single player mode, to his luck, he was working with his next opponent Warhammer.
Warhammer stood like a towering figure of demonic armour, a glow of eyes in the grill of the helmet would intimidate anyone, Blood Raven was not so easily intimidated and invited Warhammer to back up there skills, the two competed in getting the most kills leading to a close result with Warhammer only barely winning.
"Guess that armour is worth something after all, nice work" Blood Raven shook hands with the demomic knight.
"Hmmmm, how interesting" Blood Raven thought to himself as he watched Warhammer leave.
Maundy Thursday arrived with Good Friday hosting the pre fight party in Casino Square.
Hellcat had a quick race with her replacement at Luigi's pizza, a Korean female prodigy going by the name 8-Ball.
The two sat at one of the stops having cokes.
"Feels like a hot minute since you've been on the Highways Hellcat, you really are changing, driving style as well" 8-Ball noticed.
"Only because Alice is forcing me to be a dance battler for this stupid Smash Zone thing, I'm starting to think forfeiting would be less embarrassing" Hellcat remarked.
"Whatever you think Hellcat, it's the best I've seen you race in a long time, even if Alice is a total bitch, whatever she's teaching you is paying off. Hurry up and get a better rank, then I'll join Chaos Engine" 8-Ball finished her drink and drove off.
Hellcat was feeling better about herself well until she realised that she needed a dress for tomorrow night.