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The Shark House - Chapter 31 - What We Need Is A Montage

Easter was approaching, and all the prominent fighters in Smash Zone were getting on with training.
Hidden Ace had been training Razzmatazz, he didn't want to but he also pays well plus he got to beat him up multiple times which is always fun.
"He seriously needs to get laid, at this point I don't care who does it" Hidden Ace sighed and landed another punch on Razzmatazz.
Firestorm Dawn Shriners was training with Silent Viking in how to better use her rage, but Silent Viking just wanted Dawn to stop wrecking his favourite bar.
Popuri should've been training with Giro but Giro says she doesn't need it and instead taught her some barista skills for her next part time job.
As for Alice, she was nice and easy with Dave Dreamer and even let him leave early, Hellcat on the other hand she was whipping into shape literally.
"Stop whipping my ass already!" Hellcat shouted.
"You are a natural dancer with powerful legs and hips like steel and a rack to complete the perfect hourglass, we will keep going until you can break Mr Sandbag" Alice pointed at the training dummy.
Blood Raven had obligations to his sponsor so he was busy with a VR showcase of Smash Zone's single player mode, to his luck, he was working with his next opponent Warhammer.
Warhammer stood like a towering figure of demonic armour, a glow of eyes in the grill of the helmet would intimidate anyone, Blood Raven was not so easily intimidated and invited Warhammer to back up there skills, the two competed in getting the most kills leading to a close result with Warhammer only barely winning.
"Guess that armour is worth something after all, nice work" Blood Raven shook hands with the demomic knight.
"Hmmmm, how interesting" Blood Raven thought to himself as he watched Warhammer leave.
Maundy Thursday arrived with Good Friday hosting the pre fight party in Casino Square.
Hellcat had a quick race with her replacement at Luigi's pizza, a Korean female prodigy going by the name 8-Ball.
The two sat at one of the stops having cokes.
"Feels like a hot minute since you've been on the Highways Hellcat, you really are changing, driving style as well" 8-Ball noticed.
"Only because Alice is forcing me to be a dance battler for this stupid Smash Zone thing, I'm starting to think forfeiting would be less embarrassing" Hellcat remarked.
"Whatever you think Hellcat, it's the best I've seen you race in a long time, even if Alice is a total bitch, whatever she's teaching you is paying off. Hurry up and get a better rank, then I'll join Chaos Engine" 8-Ball finished her drink and drove off.
Hellcat was feeling better about herself well until she realised that she needed a dress for tomorrow night.

The Shark House - Chapter 30 - Hellcat vs Alice

After her embarrassing moment during training for Smash Zone at Rainbow Saints, Hellcat thought it would be easier to try and train with Alice who was busy trying to get Dave into shape; her thoughts proved correct when she saw a training room at the back of Gracies Toy Store floor, and as expected Alice was in the control room with Dave in VR mode.
After a quick meet and greet, Hellcat explained what happened to her when she trained.
"You know you can turn force feedback off during the body scan" Alice speaking as if everyone should know.
Hellcat shouted alot of language which would get this writer banned.
"It should just feel like sitting in a massage chair, don't tell me your body is that sensitive" Alice sipping hot cocoa while Hellcat stopped swearing long enough to feel distraught, the body scan chooses how the Smash Zone avatar looks without going through hours of customization, Hellcat rushing into it got the force feedback with her body scan, the results are what you expect.
After several minutes, Dave was still going through the custom options, in the arena.
"He doesn't change, he's the same whenever he visits a car shop" Hellcat was a little more at ease.
"I've been wondering about you for a while, what kind of person you are based on how Dave described you, apart from the glow up, his description was accurate, I'm disappointed really" Alice sounded harsh, Hellcat stayed calm but it was clear she was irritated.
"You're about to takeover Chaos Engine, but you are no where near ready for it, you may have random bits of wisdom when pressured but the way you act, is as if you feel there are no consequences for your actions, it's a bad habit you and many of the newer Emperors of the Highway have, the way I see it, Dave Dreamer is way more qualified to be leader than you'll ever be" Alice really cut deep with her words.
"You don't even drive, what would you know about running a race team!" Hellcat snapped, Alice turned round in her chair, removed her glasses and spoke in her real adult voice.
"At least I treat my workers with respect, I may act silly while working but that comes with the territory, a child should not have to deal with an adult glaring at them just for having fun in a toy store, from what I hear, your team only tolerates you because of your namesake and your past trauma, but they are the ones who end up having to waste precious time and resources to get you out of trouble all the time and you wonder why your team can only afford three captains when most have ten" Alice gave quite the burn. Hellcat controlled herself enough to give a response as she knew Alice was right.
"I already know I'm the weakest in the family but I'm not so naive to think I can solve my issues in such a short time, I lost my job, I'm in my first relationship and I'm still getting used to a body that still feels foreign to me, I'm not in the privileged position you are where you don't have to be in the store everyday to keep it running, rather than waste my time burning me with put downs, how about you actually help me by at least letting me train here, because I know nothing about Smash Zone and if I'm going to humiliate myself against the Billiard Queen, I want to at least go down with some dignity" Hellcat tried to stand her ground, Alice put her glasses back on and switched back to the higher voice.
"I still think Steve is a better trainer for this, since your dating him it's distracting I guess, I'll give you three days, if at any point I feel that you are wasting my time, you'll forfeit the Razzmatazz Tournament" Alice delivered the ultimatum.
Of all the women Dave has dated, Alice was proving to be the most terrifying.

The Shark House - Chapter 29 - Hellcat's Hidden Passion

With the announcement of Smash Zone being the highlight of Round 5, every competitor had an account for Smash Zone except for Hellcat, in addition to that, Hellcat was also searching for a new job, having been out at the Eden Dome for a whole month, Hellcat was made redundant as her replacement was just as fast as she was.
Since Chaos Engine wasn't a reliable source of income, she went back to Rainbow Saints to see if any jobs were available, at the same time she asked Steve to help her build a Smash Zone avatar.
Building your avatar can be done in two ways, the traditional way is like every other game with a character creation, the other way which is more of a mystery is have the VR system scan your entire body and design a character based on what it uncovers, however the force feedback is quite sensitive.
"I just want to get this over and done with quickly, I need to look for a job" in all her VR kit, Hellcat logged in; the virtual world looked very plain but Steve's character was anything but plain, a testament to his rank and position in Slippy Squad showed him as an epic warrior.
"Zoe, are you sure you want to do the scan?" Using Hellcat's real name, Steve warned her about the force feedback.
"Look, I don't play video games and I don't have time to look through thousands of customization options just let it scan and be done with it" Hellcat selected body scan and the force feedback immediately got to work with the scan.
The sheer sensitivity of the system was too much for Hellcat.
Staff were blushing at how loud Hellcat's moans were from the body scan.
When the scan finished, Hellcat was out of breath and her pupils had dilated.
"Why the f**k would you add that as a feature?" Hellcat shouted
"I did warn you but you rushed into it, let's see what the game has given you" Steve was trying to change the subject quickly.
Despite her namesake, nothing about Hellcat's form had anything to do with cats or hell, wrapped around her legs and feet were steel bladed dancing boots, flames were coming off her dress as she resembled a latin dancer, a masquerade mask allowed her to control her flames intensity, while her hair was untied and glowing as intense as her flames.
"Interesting, I didn't know you were a dancer" Steve wondered.
"I did ballet up until ten years old, by that age I was already over 5ft tall and I was quickly not welcomed back, I didn't think a game like this would make me a dance battler; can I logout now, I'm not sure how to process this" Hellcat didn't want to reveal anymore to Steve.
"Sorry, sounds like this is very personal to you" Steve was very considerate.
An awkward silence felt like it lasted forever.
"I'm just going to look through the job vacancies" Hellcat spoke with a softer tone than usual, for the first time her defensive barrier was cracking and in front of someone she only just started dating no doubt.
"What's happening to me? Eden Dome was meant to fix these mental issues now it's just created new ones!" The frustration was upsetting her.

The Shark House - Chapter 28 - Smash Zone Hype

Good evening and welcome to the Razzmatazz Tournament, the 5th round, I'm your host Jimbo Nix.
"And I'm his co-host Intrepid Cave Troll!"
We're here to bring you a run down of some of the big names you'll be seeing in the next round as the midpoint brings you Smash Zone VR.
"Built with the latest in VR technology, Smash Zone is a one-on-one fighting stage with real time force feedback, we can finally give you proper anime super battles, tell us Jimbo, who is ready to enter the Smash Zone?"
The girl who is winning everyone's hearts is Bayside's Princess, Popuri Meadows a.k.a Popful Kitty who will take on the rapid Fulviospeed.
"Should be another easy one for Popuri, she hit the ground running pretty quickly and is already showing herself to be a genius in any scenario"
Another big name who can't be ignored is Hellcat who is up against Billiard Queen.
"I'm not as optimistic as others Jimbo, Hellcat has never played Smash Zone, and we all know Billiard Queen is a tricky opponent"
What about our three remaining Slippy Squad players starting with Dave Dreamer who stumbles into this round and will take on BandCampGeek69.
"BandCampGeek69 has taken down some excellent players and with Dave Dreamer's open dislike of Smash Zone, time looks to be up for him"
It could be bad news for Cerulean Wizard as he ends up against the Irish Terminator.
"Irish Terminator is an FPS champ and has infinite experience in all gun games, mysterious or not, I doubt Cerulean Wizard can match this gunner"
It could be rough for Blood Raven as well, he's drawn the dreaded Warhammer as his opponent.
"Warhammer regularly speedruns soul likes in a suit of armour, such destructive force from such a powerful foe"
And finally our pay per view event, Razzmatazz vs Firestorm, at stake is a next round battle against Smash Zone World Champion, Speed of Light Suzuka.
"Firestorm has never beaten Razzmatazz but I pray that she beats the ever loving shit out of that traitorous ass hole!"
Dude, chill; our coverage starts on Good Friday, so join us at Casino Square for the Razzmatazz Tournament's craziest round.

The Shark House - Chapter 27 - Glow Up

Hellcat had left the Eden Dome after 28 days, scar fully healed but her body decided to do some extra growing as her figure almost matched her mothers.
Hellcat still had some tests to do and some fitness to rebuild after four weeks of relaxing, and since nothing fits her anymore, she needed an entirely new wardrobe as well.
The attention Hellcat was getting when she returned was too much for the racer to bear.
"How do you do this mom? How do you cope with this figure?" Hellcat bashing her head on the diner table.
"I had a good teacher when I joined the Highways and levelled up to Emperor rank, she told me to create my own brand image, so I became known as Black Velvet. Right now you're Queen Rank and pretty much everyone knows you as just a fast pizza delivery girl, so I think it's time for Hellcat to really debut" Mom was enthusiastic, Hellcat just thought "I won't complain, it's the happiest I've seen Mom in years" Hellcat took out a drawing and pointed to the tattoo parlour as the starting point.
The next night over at the midnight coffee shop, Dave Dreamer was sat depressed head on the table, he was joined by his girlfriend Alice, Luke, Giro and Popuri.
"Why is my boyfriend depressed?" Alice asked Luke while poking Dave.
"Hellcat comes back today, that means her milf mother isn't running the team anymore" Luke being remarkably honest with Alice.
"I also hit a fox on the way here, why is Hellcat my manager now? I out rank her, I'm a King rank, she's only a Queen rank" Dave complained.
"How did you even join Chaos Engine to begin with?" Alice speaking with a Basil Brush sock puppet. Giro and Luke just sighed in unison.
"I'll explain this one, ten years ago, he started Highway racing to chase after a legendary milf driver named Black Velvet, the only problem is, Dave was a pawn rank with no team whereas Black Velvet is an Emperor rank and the leader of Chaos Engine, Dave got his ass kicked but Black Velvet has a bad habit of picking up drivers out of pity for her team" Giro shows a picture of Black Velvet from a news article, Alice then looks at her boobs feeling depressed.
"Hellcat will be a great leader for Chaos Engine, she's really beautiful and inspiring" Popuri being very benevolent.
"Are we talking about the same Hellcat? She's the least feminine girl I've ever met, she keeps stealing my cars, she's bad tempered and keeps making fun of me and I don't care what the rumours say Hellcat's boobs are absolutely humongous!" Dave turned round while finishing that sentence to find an enraged Hellcat.
The next scene has been censored for extreme violence.
"That's quite the glow up Hellcat, looks like you even found an extra D" Luke gives Hellcat a fist bump.
Alice was poking Dave's beaten up body with the sock puppet, "is he dead?"
"It's what he gets for missing today's team meeting" Hellcat sits down still being pissed off.
Hellcat's new look consisted of a skin tight racing suit with a jacket that actually fits her now, she was now noticeably taller than Popuri who is 5ft 9in, her tied back hair had red highlights and for the first time in her life, Hellcat was wearing make-up, but the biggest change of all was that she now has a rose tattoo where her scar used to be.
"There's someone else here I need to thank" Hellcat walks over to Barry and kisses him on the cheek, the Police officer blushed "look after yourself Hellcat, that's all the thanks I need" Barry felt like a hero for the first time in years.
"You two are dating?" Luke enquired. Alice was also curious.
"Nah, Barry's type is big titty goth girls or super edgy girls like in his crappy Vampire film, I'm already dating someone else" Hellcat said too much.
"You can't break out of this one now, fess up Hellcat" Luke leading the interrogation.
Hellcat blushed heavily, rather than speak she showed a picture on her phone, Alice breathed a sigh of relief while the others were genuinely happy.