Defeat Script - Igglybuff Twins VS Jigglypuff Singing Pokémon Concert

I was torn on whether or not to make this a victory or defeat script but are just so many moments that don't work in Pokemon Episode 243 - Igglybuff Twins VS Jigglypuff Singing Pokémon Concert.

Ash with Brock and Misty are making their way to Blackthorn City when they meet Brittany who is teaching her two Igglybuff a dance routine, Brittany is an idol singer who performs with her two Pokemon although she claims the fans watch the Pokemon not her, Team Rocket are watching with Jessie seeing the potential of stardom for stealing the Igglybuff twins; Jigglypuff enters the scene but Ash has the sense to confiscate her microphone, Jigglypuff clearly jealous of the Igglybuff twins takes every opportunity to bully them behind the backs of Ash and co.
At the concert we see Brittany in full idol dress as she performs her songs while Jigglypuff searches for her microphone, Team Rocket interfere with their song version of the motto and steal the Igglybuff twins. Jessie daydreams of the type of idol she'll become not much different to Brittany only with added drama, the daydream is interrupted by Ash's Noctowl who brings their balloon crashing down, wanting to take revenge herself, Brittany battles and easily dispatches Team Rocket.
During the battles, Brock had been keeping the crowd busy until Brittany returns to do her final song, Jigglypuff finishes the episode by putting everyone to sleep and drawing on everyones faces.
Five takeaways from this episode.
1. This was my introduction to Japanese Idol culture, playing a number of references to the genre including the so called fan groups as well as Team Rocket referencing Morning Musume.
2. Brittany is naive to think that her fans came to see her Pokemon when it's obvious that she is the star, Brock pretty much confirms this but he is being creepier than normal.
3. Jigglypuff is a real bitch in this, while I hardly consider her an antagonist but she straight up assaults the Igglybuff twins multiple times.
4. I'm sure Lisa Ortiz isn't a bad singer, but those songs were dreadful, makes me wonder what it sounds like in Japanese.
5. This is pretty much peak Pokemon filler, introduce a Pokemon, attach it to the character of the day and go through the motions with team Rocket; it's a pity really since I actually like this episode but it's just so lazy.

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