Hey everyone and welcome to the Tutorial World!

This world has two main functions:
- Sharing and organizing tutorials made by theotaku.com members
- Asking and giving help to those who have encountered a problem

There is a list of tutorials (click button shown below) divided over two main categories: traditional art and digital art. There are subcategories drawing and coloring. The tutorials are listed in alphabetical order by name and a link to the tutorial and maker is provided.

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Guest Posters
Do you have a tutorial and want to add it to this world? Just ask us to post it or become a guest poster!
Have you ever had a time that you had a problem with finishing your drawing? Have you ever hesitated which colors to pick? Now there is a solution! We help. Become a guest poster by simply pming just.me and post your drawing and ask for advice. Let's have fun and help each other! X3
Guest poster list can be found here.

The posts in this world are for submitting tutorials directly onto the site, announcing that a new tutorial has been added. Furthermore posts are for asking for help with a specific drawing or subject.

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Other tutorial sites
Here are a couple of very useful tutorial sites:
www.deviantart.com - tutorial section

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Idea for World: Brunettte
Moderator: just.me

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Tutorials list

Avatars - Pantalaimon1467

Backgrounds (landscapes&objects&plants)
Roses - RSRKingdomStars

Drawing videos
Angel of Death - 5iclozqxm0ef
Dragon - purple moon - just.me

Creatures (animals & fantasy creatures)
Cuteness Tutorial - SaxGirl
Dragon poses - just.me
Dragons: advanced - whtdragon
Dragons: the body - whtdragon
Dragons: the head - whtdragon
Feathers and Wings - RSRKingdomStars
Mermaids: How to draw a basic mermaid: Part 1 - MeiTsukiHana
Mermaids: How to draw a basic mermaid: Part 2 - MeiTsukiHana
Mermaids: How to draw a basic mermaid: Part 3 - MeiTsukiHana
Monsters - basic reference - whtdragon
Monster worms - whtdragon

Anatomy: Female Body - Brunette
Anatomy: people - RSRKingdomStars
Anime head - basic reference - whtdragon
Armor - basic reference - whtdragon
Hair - braids and pigtails - RSRKingdomStars
Hair - curls - RSRKingdomStars
Kingdom Hearts - Keirx - FUNimation
Swords - whtdragon

TheOtaku Guides
A guide for new theOtaku members - reirei

Digital art

Backgrounds in Photoshop (moutains, rocks, clouds and wood) - whtdragon
CG tutorial - Line art&Coloring - luluseason
CG progress walkthrough (bloodstained world) - luluseason
Coloring a manga girl - FUNimation
Coloring Momo Progress Steps - just.me
Coloring Kyuubi: Part 1 - just.me
Coloring Kyuubi: Part 2 - just.me
Eyes - coloring - UnknownRumors
Fire in Photoshop - whtdragon
Glow effects in Photoshop - whtdragon
Hair - blond hair - vacuumology
Layers - the basics - whtdragon
MS Paint tips - RSRKingdomStars
Paint Tool Sai - luluseason
Perspectives in Photoshop - whtdragon
Photoshop Tools - harvestmoonluvr
Rain - whtdragon
Skin toning - in PS - reirei
Sparkles in Photoshop - whtdragon
Watermark - reirei

Traditional art
Basics steps for Drawing - Brunette
Coloring Ariel (colored pencils) - Brunette
Hair coloring (pencils) - reirei
Hair Shading B&W pencils - reirei
Inspiration - Brunette
Manga Style - Brunette
Markers How-to! - pink-pineapple

Traditional to digital
Traditional shaded drawing to Digital colored drawing - reirei
Smooth coloring - Traditional to Digital - reirei

Dragon Tutorial

Another tutorial is added to the list! A dragon tutorial made by just.me. Take a look here:

External Image

If you have any questions, just ask me ;)

how to draw eyes

I discovered this link about making anime eyes.
I've been trying to follow this guide in drawing animes.
I hope you'll be able to make use of this,too.

Here's the link:

Hope you will be able to make use of it.

Welcome to the Tutorials world!

Hey everyone! Welcome to the tutorials world :D

This is obviously a world for tutorials - go take a look around! The introduction explains everything ^^ The idea for a tutorial world is from Brunette. All credit to her ;) When she creates her new account - nekochuni - we will be both run this world ^__^

Guest Posters

Here's a list of the guest posters of this world:

AngelBest Dream

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