OC Interviews

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Zamboni *clears throat* aren’t you forgetting something… or maybe Someone ? (notice the capital letter)
Not at all! How could I forget about someone that’s so constantly annoying!!! Maybe I just don’t want to interview you at all!
Zamboni: Very well, then I’ll have to chase you and annoy you, for the rest of your life! *grins* ya know I would do that…
*eyes widens* NO! UGH Fine! Let’s do this and never think about it again! *grumbling* Why do I even created you in the first place… stupid purple flying rat.
Zamboni: OH YEAH! This is where the interview gets his mojo baby!


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SO! *Smiles through clenched teeth* How is life Zamboni? Always messing around aren’t you?

Zamboni: *laughs* Of course! That’s pretty much my life’s mission! From when I came here to Unova, I already created so many troubles! Oh it was beautiful! And I met so many fantastic people to drive crazy, more or less literally!

Tell me Zamboni, did anyone ever tried to punch that annoying face of yours?

Zamboni: *Big grin* Why do you think I had to get a bodyguard, huh? *charming smile* With my dearest Jenna at my side I can do whatever I want without any problems. *happy snicker* She’s my most beloved beautiful beast.

And your family? How can them bear with you?
Zamboni: well I don’t see my parents often, they don’t know much of what I do luckily. Good ol’ uncle Noc it’s just the best, we’re on the same page, I love that dirty creep. My brother it’s always working, I we don’t spend as much time together as the past… oh the beautiful times we shared bringing chaos all over Sinnoh together.. I miss those moments. I should totally convince him to do something nice together again, maybe a big armed robbery, ya know, fraternal bonding time!

Did you have anything to say at last Zamboni? I mean LAST words. Or just shut up.
Zamboni: I have something to say! Everyone, every day, remember to work hard, have fun, and most importantly do YOUR THING! Don’t think about what other people want you to do, you take care of YOUR STUFF! Because at the end of the day it’s your life, and you only get one of them, so you may as well have fun doing it! *shrugs* I don’t care if people find me annoying, I’m living my life and hell, I’m gonna do it GOOD!

Well, call me surprised, you actually said something intelligent! Good job Zamboni!
Zamboni: Intelligence is like an underwear. It is important that you have it, but not necessary that you show it off. *grins*

*sighs* I hoped for a second.