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Milo(& Morrigan)

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Hi Milo!
Milo: Hello there *nods a greeting with his hat* I’m very happy to do this interview, *indicates Morrigan floating around with an angry face* Morrigan is here, you could interview him too! He needs to talk some more to people!
Morrigan: Don’t you even think about it! Go to hell!
Milo*smile* he’s just kidding!

Ehm… we’ll see about that. How do you two met exactly..?
Milo *big smile* Well, it was thanks to our master in fact! He made Morrigan join the team and we started to live and work together! It didn’t took us to long to become super friends! Isn’t that right Morrigan?
Morrigan *Turns and flip him off*
Milo: The best!

Uhmmmm, yeah… Tell us a flaw and a good quality of yours Milo!

Milo: *chuckle a little bit* I don’t want to sound pretentious, so I’ll say I put lot of passion in what I do! I try my best all the times and try to don’t surrender! But Uhm sometimes I can be kind of a klutz and a little awkward with people.. especially females..

Will you ever get a girlfriend Milo? Wouldn’t you like to have a family one day?
Milo: *scratches the back of his head, embarrassed* eheh I don’t know.. I’m not good with girls..*blush more* b-but that doesn’t matter I mean in the end all my scout mates and my troop, they’re like a family for me! Whenever I’ve a problem I know I can count on them! *nods energetically* We never let each other down, that’s team spirit!

That’s cool! Scouting seem interesting! You’re quite an adventurer spirit Milo, did you ever traveled outside Unova?
Milo: Believe it or not, I actually didn’t! I always been here, also because I’m very busy with my work as a Scout master! Beside I think Unova it’s such a marvelous, glorious country! A land of freedom and opportunity! *puff up his chest, watery eyes full of unovian pride*
Zamboni: *appears with an evil grin* oh right, freedom! What a nice place indeed, righto? and what about voting the most racist Gumshoos as the new president? Fantastic idea, really! Let’s build a wall all around the region!
Milo: *sweating hard* T-That.. was … uhm just a small blunder.. Let’s not talk about that alright? *trying to change the subject* We should organize a nice travel abroad what do you say Morrigan?
Morrigan: *cross his arms and glare, floating in midair* I would rather be impaled than travel around with you.

Why should people vote for you?
Milo: *radiant smile* Oh well I would be very happy to be voted, but that’s not what it counts! Everyone it’s awesome at the same way! I would much prefer people to vote for Morrigan! *wave happily at Morrigan* Cause MorMor it’s the best, isn’t that right?
Morrigan: *angry* I don’t want any stupid vote, don’t you try to bring me in this idiotic stuff! *flame bursting on his head* Leave me alone, I hate you all! I know what you’re doing, you just want to make fun of me right??? I’M GONNA TEACH YOU A LESSON YOU BAS-

*Lounge music plays*
Apologies dear readers, The interview has been abruptly suspended for technical issues, but we’re gonna get back with the next one in a jiffy, so stick with us!