OC Interviews


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Hello there Sierra! Are you ready for your interview?
Sierra: ¡Hola ! I never did one before, what I should do?

Nothing too difficult, I’m just gonna make you some easy questions. It seems you are on a mission in this moment, isn’t that right?
Sierra *nods* I am! I’ve been entrusted with a very essential mission to find new allies for the rebellion in my island! I wanted to stay there and fight, but my father told me this is more important! That’s why I’m doing my best!

So your family it’s still in Hoenn?
Sierra: Yes.. *looks down* I miss them a lot, I’m sure my little brothers grow up, maybe they even evolved already.. They are probably still fighting to throw out the evil people who have invaded our island. I’m very worried for them. *clench her fists* But I’ll come back soon with a huge army and we’ll gonna get rid of them once and for all!

And you’re gonna stay in your village then?
Sierra: Oh yes! I want to live there forever, work my land, marry a nice man and have lots of children! *scratch her head a little* I like to travel, but I prefer to live a quiet life where I belong.

What’s a quality of yours? And one flaw?

Sierra: well I’m very cheerful, like all ludicolos of course! I’m very enthusiast too, maybe a little too much in fact *laughs* and I don’t know many things, but from when I started to travel I learned a lot! I actually hope to use what I learned to make life better for people in my village!

Any last words? Why people should vote for you?

Sierra: I don’t know actually, but if they do I would be really happy about it! *dances happily*