OC Interviews

I'm Gonna post these here In my OC world too!

Well hello everyone, and welcome to this post, where I will introduce to you all of my OCs that decided to take part of the poll! Who will arise and who will be the very best, like no one ever was (POKEMON GOTTA CATCH ‘EM ALL) ?? Who knows! I hope you’ll enjoy this cause dealing with my OCs to get an interview isn’t easy!
So let’s see who’s gonna participate the poll!


Zamboni: Ehi! EHI! What about me? My adoring fans want to hear from me! Can’t disappoint them!
*deep Sigh* Yes, Zamboni too. If he’s not too annoying, which he’ll surely be!
But let’s start this already!

Warning: Most of my OCs are lil bastards with potty mouths. They say bad words sometimes. Please excuse them. Nothing exaggerate I swear! So just enjoy the interviews.