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Shadows and Regrets

These lyrics are from Frontline by Pillar

"We drive on and don't look back
It doesn't mean we can't learn from our past"

I wasn't thinking about making a post about regrets and moving forward and finally I read this post this morning and got motivated.
So, to agree with my fellow otaku, I too believe that there are only two ways you can live, staying put or moving forward. People are really afraid of change because of the fear of the unknown. But staying put can be as dangerous for them as moving into the new! Personally, I can't stay put. I try as much as I can to move forward, all the time. Of course it's not always working cause sometimes I find myself trapped in situations that I can't get out from. But that doesn't mean that I won't try to keep on moving!
I believe that everyone is afraid of change cause they never know if it will be for the best. They're afraid they might fail on something or do something wrong. But life is not about not falling down, is about being able to stand right back up!
Myself, I can't say that I'm not afraid. Change can be really challenging but I enjoy it, cause not changing would be disastrous for me. That's way I don't really question the decisions that got me to the point I am right now. No regrets, that's my motto! And I can proudly say that I don't have any! It's a powerful thing the force of will. I made myself this way. I decided a long time ago that I'd never regret anything and 6 years I am, not regreting my past! It's kind of easy for me to live this way, cause after all these years I manage to know myself as good as I can, know where I stand and what I believe and I came to love myself even more(maybe too much at times) but that actually means that I also love all the things that made me...well, me! All the right and bad decisions I made. There are all mine and I embrace them both!


There's a poster in my living room that reads:


The world makes way for those who know where they are going"

Usually when people talk about ambition they refer to it as something bad, like someone driven/blinded by his ambitions can do something really bad to others. But I'm gonna have to disagree.
Ambition is what drives people to evolve. It's what motivates them to follow their dreams.
Ok, so some people driven by their ambitions, sometimes, tend to step on other peoples bodies, but nothing was conquered without any victims! And even though not many people admit it, we live in a world where the big fish eats the small. We strive to survive and make our dreams come true.
Oh, by the way dreams are ambitions! You can't say you're not ambitious if you have a dream or a desire. People without ambitions are like empty shells!
When I talk to others about stuff like that they always say that not all people are like that, not everyone is willing to sucrifice others people dreams in order to meke their own come true. I have to admit, if I had a chance to make my ambitions come true but had to stain my hads with "blood" in the way, I would only care if it was someone's I care about.
People don't realise how many things they are willing to do in order to make themselves happy until the day comes when a chance finally shows up!

Do This Anymore

My first post here!!!^^
This are some of the lyrics from Do this anymore by Nickelback

"When am I gonna learn? Why? Cause I'm tired of hating
Well no I don't find faith in your forced feelings
Not fooled by your misleadings
Won't buy this line your selling
Tired of this lie your telling
I won't, I don't, no I won't do this anymore"

I used to find myself in situations that I couldn't escape. Like relationships and friendships that weren't real anymore. It was only the force of habbit, which now I see is like the worst think in the world. People can do a lot of things drived by the force of habit. I even got to the point to loose track of who I really am because of it. But I had a wake up call and decided that it wasn't worth it. Nothing was worth loosing myself over it. The only think I needed to do was be true to myself and whoever didn't like it...well let's just say that I got pretty good in giving up on people that didn't matter!